Ridley Scott Says A New “Alien” Film Could Be On The Way

It has been roughly three years since we have heard any news regarding the “Alien” film saga from director Ridley Scott. However, it now appears that there could possibly be a new film in the works.

The “Alien” franchise has been in a bit of a mess since the last release of “Alien: Covenant” did not perform as well as expected at the box office. Many fans were unhappy with the film and most feel …

Early Apollo Mission Reports Strange Music-Like Noises From The Far Side Of The Moon


(PCM) The popular Science Channel series “NASA’s Unexplained Files” has returned for a new season and provides us with a fascinating look the mysteries of space and the latest evidence for life beyond Earth. read more

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Memory:The Origins Of Alien Trailer Is Now Online

Earlier this year, Legion M’s Film Scouts made history with the first Sundance acquisition ever to be guided by and ultimately owned by fans (that’s US!). Because Memory: The Origins of Alien ranked so highly in the Film Scout program, we sought it out, watched it, and then partnered with Screen Media to buy it. Together, we completely changed how business is done in Hollywood!

Now you can watch the trailer to get a glimpse …

Disney, Fox Plan More Alien, Apes, and Kingsman Flicks

Alien Fox Disney

Aliens and Apes and Kingsman, oh my. Now that the mega-merger between the Walt Disney Company and 20th Century Fox is a done deal, the entertainment juggernaunt has unveiled some future plans for some of Fox’s biggest franchises. At CinemaCon in Las Vegas this week, Disney executives announced that new films will be produced for the AlienPlanet of the Apes, and Kingsman series.

Matthew Vaughn is already shooting Kingsman: The Great Game

‘Alien: Covenant’ Blu-Ray Review

The Movie:

In concept, ‘Alien: Covenant‘ is what ‘Prometheus‘ should have been. In many regards, the film is a vast improvement over it’s predecessor. It’s also better than many people are giving it credit for. Instead of focusing more on the philosophical aspects of the story, this film is a straight up Alien movie, and that’s a good thing. Unlike it’s predecessor, ‘Alien: Covenant‘ feels like it’s a return …