EXCLUSIVE: Michael Connelly Talks To Us About His New Podcast “The Wonderland Murders”

Michael Connelly knows a thing or two about justice and murder. The writer/creator has been writing about those very things for decades and is showing no signs of slowing down. Connelly is probably best known as the creator of the hit show Bosch, which is in its seventh season.

The films Blood Work and The Lincoln Lawyer are based on Connelly’s books. It was recently announced that Netflix had ordered a series based on The …

Sammi’s Favorite Things: Up Against the Wall

Growing up, I was always a big fan of actor David Hasselhoff. I loved him on every show he has been in and enjoyed his sense of humor.

Now the man himself has come out with a new book Up Against the Wall in both written and Audible form. Below are some details on the book, along with some video.

Today, Audible released David Hasselhoff’s UP AGAINST THE WALL, a cold-war alternate history written