Bachelor in Paradise Recap for 9/3/19

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise picks up where we left off after Derek’s departure. We waste more time than necessary on it and for some reason Blake is almost in tears over it. Why? Who knows? He is also questioning why he is even still there.

JPJ and Chris bond in the water….and Chris’s title is now ‘Not Gerard Butler.’ I don’t get it. 

Now we are listening to everyone give their two …

Bachelor in Paradise’s Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch are Engaged

(NEW YORK) – Get ready for another Bachelor Nation wedding!

Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch — who fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise season 5 — are engaged, they tell PEOPLE exclusively.

Wendt, 35, popped the question to Loch, 29, on Aug. 28 in Toronto, Canada, where they live.

Loch thought she was just in for a sunset picnic with her boyfriend in a quiet section of Toronto Island — and had no idea …

Bachelor in Paradise Recap for 9/2/19

We are getting to the home stretch of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise. There are only four episodes left, so couples will have to decide if they will stay together, break up or get engaged. There are also more people arriving on the island, throwing a monkey wrench into everything. What will happen tonight? We are about to find out.

When we last left off, Angela entered the island, upsetting Nicole, who is with her ex, …

Bachelor in Paradise Recap for 8/27/19

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise begins where we left off after the rose ceremony. Dean tells Caelynn that despite the fact that he gave her a rose, he doesn’t see things working out and leaves. She is upset and can’t stop crying. On her birthday, no less! Couldn’t he just wait until the next day? 

He says she deserves someone better, which she thinks is a cop out, but the other say he …

Bachelor in Paradise Recap for 8/26/19

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise begins with everyone chilling on the island. John Paul Jones and Tayshia seem to be hitting if off the most. She says she definitely sees a future with him. 

Tahzjuan from Colton’s season comes to the island, and surprise, Blake has no idea who she is. She introduces herself and starts deciding who she wants to take on a date. She goes after John Paul Jones, who accepts …

Bachelor in Paradise Recap for 8/20/19

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise picks up from where we left off. Demi is waiting to talk to Chris Harrison about how she is still having feelings with the woman she left back home. 

Derek understands what Demi is going through, but says it still hurts. 

Chris and Demi have a heart to heart and he actually gives her some sound advice and asks if she can imagine her life without Derek. He …

Bachelor in Paradise Recap for 8/19/19

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise continues from last week’s fight between Jordan and Christian. If you recall, Christian decided to make a cute date time with Nicole, who went out with both guys, as well as Clay. Jordan was trying to defend Clay, who was interrupted by Christian earlier that night. 

As far as fights go, it seemed pretty lame. Most people think Jordan is at fault for all this and is actions …

Lindsie Chrisley Accused of Having Affair With Bachelor Nation Contestants

More drama for the Chrisley family. Lindsie Chrisley, who is Todd Chrisley’s daughter from a previous marriage, is accused of allegedly having affairs with former Bachelor contestants Robby Hayes and Josh Murray. The news comes days after Todd and his current wife Julie were indicted on tax evasion charges.

According to Us Weekly, Lindsie has been harassed by her father and her brother Chase, who are threatening to release a sex tape involving her and …

Bachelor in Paradise Recap for 8/13/19

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise picks up with everyone a-twitter about the Hannah/Dylan/Blake triangle. Since they are in paradise though, no one tweeted about it….until now. 

There is also a love triangle between Caelynn, Cam and Mike. The only established couple is Derek and Demi. However, she feels very conflicted and comes out that she has been dating a woman in LA.

Derek also feels that something is off. He wants to discuss …

Bachelor in Paradise Recap for 8/12/19

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise opens where we left off…with the rose ceremony. Everyone is nervous, especially Annalise and Bibiana.

The guys are the ones giving out the roses tonight, which means several of the girls will be going home. 

Derek to Demi

Clay to Nicole

Wills to Katie

Kevin to Sydney

John Paul Jones to Onyeka

Cam to Caelynn

Dylan to Hannah

Blake to Tayshia

Chris to Kristina

This means Jane, Bibiana …

Bachelor in Paradise Recap 8/6/19

Tonight’s episode of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise continues with last night’s episode. Kristina is taking Blake on a date but due to his ‘player’ behavior, it seems like she has other things in mind. 

Blake tells Tayshia he has a date with Kristina and is there with an open mind. She seems to take it well and thinks it was thoughtful of him to tell her about the date. However, she seems a bit put …

Five Fast Facts About Bachelor Aumni Carly Waddell

Carly Waddell is part of one of the greatest love stories on Bachelor Nation. She first attempted to find love on season nineteen of The Bachelor with Chris Soules. She went on to find love again on the second season of Bachelor in Paradise. She proved the third time was the charm on season three of BIP when she met her now husband Evan Bass. 

Now the singer is mom to baby Bella and …

Bachelor In Paradise: Meet the Cast

People Magazine just announced the cast of this season of Bachelor in Paradise, which will premiere August 7.

There are some surprises, some who were expected and some who left me going WHO?!?!, but it seems like it is an all-star cast. More people may be added as time goes on, but we will keep you posted.

The cast:

Angela Amezcua—Nick’s season

Annaliese Puccini—Arie’s season

Astrid Loch—Nick’s season

Bibiana Juliana—Arie’s season/Bachelor Winter Games

Chelsea Roy—Arie’s …