Jakob’s Wife Lands On Shudder Tomorrow

If you are a fan of vampire films Shudder has a treat for you. Landing on the horror streaming service is Jakob’s Wife. The film stars the beautiful Barbara Crampton who is no stranger at getting bloody. Crampton stars as a bored house wife named Anne who is married to a small town minister. After an encounter with “The Master” Anne starts having a new sense of power and a bit bolder, but the change …

‘Dead Night’ Review – An Homeage to the Horror Genre

Zombies, Murder, and Gore – Oh my! I’ve never been much of a horror buff and I’m not one to get excited when a new horror film comes out unless it’s some sort of a psychological thriller. That being said, I do have a few favorite films from the genre and I do appreciate what the genre has done for the industry, so I hope you readers can hear me out. Dark Sky Films’ Dead