Happy Thesaurus Day! (January 18th)

(PCM) On this day in 1779, Peter Mark Roget, the father of the modern thesaurus, was delivered, produced, came into being, born. After a long career as a physician, scientist and tinkerer (he also invented a slide rule), Roget retired from medicine and dedicated his time to cataloging, assembling, gathering, composing, and compiling a dictionary of synonyms.

First published in 1852, Roget’s Thesaurus (from the Greek thēsauros, meaning storehouse, treasury or treasure) is still …

A.A. Milne Born January 18, 1882

(PCM) A.A. Milne (Alan Alexander) was born on January 18, 1882 in London.  He attended Cambridge University to study mathematics but soon found that his true passion was writing. After graduating from Cambridge, Milne began his writing career working for Punch Magazine.  He married Daphne” de Sélincourt in 1903.  He was writing for Punch when World War One broke out in 1914.  Milne enlisted even though by nature he was a pacifist. 

After the war …

Happy Birthday Sherlock! January 6

(PCM) Happy Birthday Sherlock! Beloved super sleuth Sherlock Holmes was created by Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887. He is one of (if not the) most adapted fictional characters in literature, appearing in upwards of sixty stories written by Doyle himself and countless other books, plays, comics, films, and television shows in the one hundred plus years since. What’s your favorite Sherlock incarnation?

Although Doyle never explicitly mentioned Holmes’ birthday, January 6th has been accepted as …

5 days 5 Staves of A Christmas Carol. Day Five

Stave Five or The End of It.  JRR Tolkien wrote in The Hobbit “ Now it is a strange thing, but things that are good to hear are soon told about, and not much to listen too; while things that are uncomfortable, palpitating, and even gruesome, may make a good tale, and take a good deal of telling.”  If you have not read the first four installment click here.

So we find at the end …

5 Staves 5 Days of A Christmas Carol. Day Four

Stave 4, The Last of the Spirits.  The last stroke of midnight had  cease to vibrate and there appeared before Scrooge a figure “shrouded in a deep black garment, which concealed its head, its face, its form, and left nothing of it visible save one out stretched hand.  If the hand wasn’t there it would have been hard to see the difference between the phantom and the night.  For the preceding three installments of this …

5 Days 5 Staves of A Christmas Carol Day Three

The Second of The Three Spirits or Stave Three begins with Scrooge waking up and without even hearing the sound of the clock he knows it is the hour of one.  The bell strikes one… and nothing happens.  If you ever have done something wrong at school or at a job you may know what Scrooge was feeling.  The anticipation of something you are not looking forward to, like reprimand from a teacher or a …

5 Days 5 Staves Of A Christmas Day Two

Stave Two of A Christmas Carol is titled “The First of the Three Spirits.  When the Stave opens we find Scrooge in bed.  He wakens to the sound of the clock striking 12.  He is bewildered by this as he knows it was after two when he went to bed.  He even wonders if something had happened to the sun and it was actually 12 in the afternoon.  He soon realizes that somehow it was …

How a Lovable Big Red Dog, Can Teach Us About Acceptance and Kindness!

Once upon a time, a young girl named Emily Elizabeth Howard (Darby Camp) fell in love with a little red puppy, thus beginning a HUGE adventure.

Based on the beloved Scholastic character Clifford the Big Red Dog, the new movie from Paramount Pictures is about an eccentric, but magical, animal rescuer (John Cleese) who gives Emily Elizabeth an adorable puppy that grows into a 10-foot hound. is the perfect movie for …

Anthrax Bassist Frank Bello Releases Memoir

Anthrax Bassist Frank Bello Releases Memoir

Fathers, Brothers, and Sons: Surviving Anguish, Abandonment, and Anthrax

Rare Bird is excited to announce the release of Frank Bello’s Fathers, Brothers, and Sons: Surviving Anguish, Abandonment, and Anthrax, coauthored with Joel McIver, including a foreword by Gene Simmons of KISS.
Frank Bello of Anthrax ©2021 Johnnie Crow Photos
Frank Bello, bassist with the legendary New York thrash metal band Anthrax since 1984 – one

How International Best-Selling Author Cathleen Elle Helps Us Deal With Grief and Loss

With more than 744,000 COVID-19 related deaths in the nation in less than two years, it is difficult for most of us to grapple with the aftermath that occurs when so many families have been shattered.

 As we watch these heartbreaking stories on the evening news, along with other recent traumatic events, it can be helpful to have experts guide us as we begin to heal.

 Among those experts who can help us heal as …

“How Best-Selling Author and Coach Sara Connell Uses Her Writing Gifts to Improve the World”

Sara Connell knows that women who have a mentor or a coach, most often see their personal and career success soar to new heights.

“It’s all about being lifted up and built up,” Connell says. “It has been shown that women who had a mentor or coach who believed in them, and as a result, their confidence and income accelerated three times. I was in that camp where having that voice and that community can …

April 1st Launch — New Book/Daddy Issues, This April Folly May Bring Jolly

There are times in a young man’s life when he has to throw caution to the wind, take many deep breaths and put all of his energy into following his bliss – and that’s exactly what author and stand-up comic Allan Sidley did.
Several years ago, Sidley decided to step away from corporate life and took to the stage, which resulted in numerous gigs in major East Coast cities, favorable media attention, teaching comedy classes,