Five Fave: How To Netflix And Quarantine – Drama Series

So you’ve decided (or been told) to self quarantine. Now is the perfect time to catch up on your binge watching. You have heard of these shows. You may not have thought that their subject matter was of interest to you, but the writing and acting are so good, you just may get hooked. Here are our Five Fave Netflix And Quarantine Drama Series:

5. House Of Cards – 6 Seasons, 73 Episodes. Starring

Five Fave: TV Bad Boys Of The Decade

Television went through several changes throughout the 2010’s decade. Several shows took a sympathetic look at the darkness within, tracing the journey and the struggle of their main character. Fans tuned in to watch men who they loved to hate, and hated to love. Ultimately, these shows thrived as each lead attempted to battle their inner demons and process the rationale behind their violent actions.

Another huge change in the decade was the rise of …

The Wait Is Over! Schraderbrau Beer Will Soon Be Available In Stores!

Patience is key and for fans of the hit AMC series “Breaking Bad” patience has paid off and we will soon be seeing Schraderbräu Beer hitting liquor stores near you!

The Schraderbräu Beer was made famous in “Breaking Bad”, as in the show Hank Schrader – played by actor Dean Norris – is an agent with the DEA, the US anti-drugs agency, and is investigating a certain Heisenberg. But once his working day is over, …

The Rumors Are True! Vince Gilligan Reveals Work On ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie

It’s been five years since the hit AMC series “Breaking Bad” came to a fiery conclusion and since then fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting to find out if, as predicted there was more of the story to tell. There were plenty of rumors circulating that a film could be in the works, however it was now officially revealed by showrunner Vince Gilligan that a two hour film is in the …