Five Fave: TV Celebrity Crushes

While researching TV shows for articles, and scouring all of my streaming subscriptions for something to watch, I realized that I kind of have a “type”. I am intrigued by bad-ass brunettes who stand up for themselves, and help others. Apparently, I also love science fiction characters. Here are my Five Fave TV Celebrity Crushes.


BONUS – 1960’s Crush – Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Montgomery portrayed the good witch Samantha Stephens on the comedy …

SMT Special: ‘Graves’ Season III Premier and Sit Down


OK, SMT Heads, we know you’re always in the mood for something….different. And that something is GRAVES Webseries now hitting the interwebs near you. Now, if you haven’t yet discovered this indie gem, you’re luck. And if you’re a fan already, you’re still in luck as SMT is featuring the premier of Season III, right here, right now. And if you’re good, we’ll also throw in a sitdown with GRAVES creatives Christine Nyland and Terence

Buffy To Co-Slay San Diego With Prize-Filled Vampire Hunt

(PCM) To celebrate Buffy the Vampire Slayer, on Saturday, July 21st, 20th Century Fox Consumer Products invites Buffy fans on the first-ever Buffy Vampire Hunt through San Diego. Every fan becomes a slayer as they must locate each ‘Vampire Nest’ across the Gaslamp District and throughout San Diego’s Convention Center. At each location, fans will be rewarded with a wide-range of prizes including Buffy Funko figures, posters, stickers, pins, t-shirts, comics and much more.…