The History Of Trick Or Treating And How It Adapted To The Modern Age

Halloween candy photo

(PCM) As the Halloween season approaches each year many children begin to think about what types of costumes they will be donning and begin to plan which neighborhoods to visit in hopes of getting the best candy when heading out for trick or treating.

For many, many years children have been gallivanting around neighborhoods dressed up in costumes that range from ghosts and witches to superheros and cartoon characters, knocking on doors and requesting treats, …

Ever Wonder How Many Ridges Are On A Reese’s Cup?


(PCM) The spirit of Halloween got us thinking about some of our favorite Halloween treats, especially the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and of course that led to us wondering just how many ridges are indeed on a full size Reese’s Cup.

We have reached the conclusion that there are 66 ridges on a full size Reese’s Cup and for good measure we took a look at the famous treat sized Reese’s Cups as well which …

Megadeth, Opeth, Electric Wizard To Headline America’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Bacchanal Psycho Las Vegas

PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2019: Megadeth And Opeth Join Electric Wizard To Headline America’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Bacchanal; Final Lineup Including Mogwai, Beach House, 1349, Yakuza, And More Revealed + Tickets On Sale Now
PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2019 continues to make waves as it confirms its final lineup for this year’s three-day, four-stage takeover of Mandalay Bay Resort And Casino August 16th – 18th, 2019.
Swedish progressive metal titans Opeth and Grammy award-winning thrash metal legends

Green Gummy Bears Are Not The Flavor You Would Expect!

(PCM) In the year of 1967, Haribo introduced their Gold Gummy Bears, which were available in five colors each corresponding to a different flavor. However, it may be a bit surprising for you to learn that the green and red colored gummy bears do not exactly correspond to the flavor you might think!

The flavors include strawberry (green color), pineapple (white color), raspberry (red color), lemon (yellow color), and of course, maybe the only one …

“Treat Map” Makes Hunting For Neighborhood Halloween Candy A Snap!


(PCM) Nextdoor is a free and private social network for neighborhoods and now for the second year in a row they are launching their “treat map” which is the go to tool to find out which homes in your neighborhood are planning on giving out treats for Halloween this year.

The way it works is that neighbors on the social network are able to mark their homes on the map with a candy corn icon …

Diabetic Teen And His Family Kicked Out Of A Drive-In For Bringing In Candy


(PCM) We all know that most movie theaters have a policy that does not allow outside food or drinks to be brought into their establishments, however shouldn’t individuals with certain health conditions be given an exception?

Recently, 16-year old diabetic Brad Weidner and his family were visiting the Delsea Drive-In in Vineland, NJ and were kicked out of the establishment because Brad had a backpack on him that contained some juice and candy.

Brad suffers …