Children’s Author Presents: “Ferdy The Fish: The Fish That Could Not Swim — A Tale For Our Times!”

What can we learn from a rainbow-colored fish that could not swim? More than you could ever imagine in children’s author Don Levinson’s charming tale that is filled with vital life lessons for both young people and adults.
Ferdy The Fish: The Fish That Could Not Swim, as imagined by Philadelphia-based children’s author Levinson is the perfect story for these troubled times of the Coronavirus pandemic. “One of my inspirations for Ferdy was a

Philadelphia Families Gear Up to Race for Children and Adults With Autism

Caring Families Race for Autism Cares Foundation’s Race for Resources on Saturday, November, 3 at picturesque Bucks County (PA) Community College

  Being the mother of a child with autism is often both a great joy and a tremendous challenge. Just ask Linda Kuepper and Jacqui Makowski, the loving mothers of sons with autism, who know how vital the right support can be in their lives.

These moms, along with their friends, neighbors, and extended families, …

Earliest Case Of Child Exploitation: A Look At The Dionne Quintuplets

(PCM) On May 28, 1934 an anomaly occurred with the birth of five identical sisters marking the first time that a set of quintuplets had managed to survive infancy and grow up into adulthood. The Dionne sisters (Yvonne, Annette, Cecile, Emilie, and Marie) were born in Canada, just outside Callander, Ontario and caused quite a spectacle in the region.

In the year of 1935, after spending only a mere four months with their birth parents, …

What Happens When We Lose 28,000 Rubber Duckies At Sea?

(PCM) Everyone knows that rubber duckies can make bath time lots of fun, you know because Sesame Street’s Ernie told us so, right? Well, bath time was far less fun for a lot of businesses who were expecting a shipment of rubber duckies, 28,000 of them to be exact, that went missing at sea back in 1992. In fact, funny enough, rubber duckies from this very same shipment still continue to wash up on shore …

Parents Mistakenly Feed Their Children Dog Treats

(PCM) Parents who were shopping at the Pak n’ Save grocery store in New Zealand are freaking out because they mistakenly fed their children dog treats and are now blaming it on the packaging and store placement.

The parents, who were obviously in a hurry, ended up grabbing a box of Scooby Snacks, which are sausage flavored dog treats, without fully reading the box. The parents claim that the Scooby Snacks which are packaged in …

Could You Work As A Nanny In A Supposedly Haunted House?

(PCM) A couple in Scotland who are in search of a nanny for their two young children ages five and seven are offering up an exorbitant salary for the position, however there is just one small catch! The house is allegedly haunted with some kind of poltergeist activity. In fact, the family has lost a whopping five nanny’s over the last year, who have all quit due to supernatural activity in the house. Don’t worry! …

Parents Freak After Discovering A ‘Kama Sutra’ Guide For Children!

(PCM) While waiting a doctors office in London one parent, Katherine Peck, was shocked when her child picked up a children’s book titled “Mummy Laid An Egg” written by Babette Cole an discovered it was nothing short of a “kama sutra” guide for children.


We all know that it can be incredibly awkward when it comes time for parents to begin talking to their children about sex, and of course, children always have a …

Study Reveals Youngsters Strive To Become ‘YouTubers’ As Most-Desired Career!

(PCM) A shocking new study that was recently conducted by travel company First Choice has revealed some eye-opening results that claim children are striving to become “YouTubers” more than any other career path. The Sun reports that the 1,000 children aged six to seventeen were asked the age old question of ‘What do you want to be when you grow-up?’ and more than one third of them responded that they had strong aspirations to become …

To Teach Their Kids A Lesson Utah Parents Cancel Christmas


(PCM) In a move that has sparked both praise and outrage, Utah parents John and Linda Henderson decided to cancel Christmas this year in order to teach their children a lesson about respect.

Lisa Henderson is a stay at home mom and founder of the blog Over The Moon, where she first posted the news about she and her husband’s decision to cancel the holiday. She claims that they gave their children, three boys ages …

A Sicko in Illinois Glued Razor Blades to Children’s Playground

razors26n-1-web(PCM) There are some stories you hear that really make you shake your head in disgust; this is one of them.

At least a dozen razor blades were found glued blade-side-up in strategic locations on a children’s playground in East Moline, Illinois.The blades were discovered after toddler Madden Jenks cut his finger on the monkey bars while one his father’s shoulders.

The toddler exclaimed an “ouch” while playing and his father pulled him down from …