Pop! Pop! Ep. 74 – The Falcon & the Winter Soldier 1 & 2 Review

Wandavision finished TWO whole weeks ago and we’ve been famished ever since… but alas, Falcon & the Winter Soldier is here to save the day.  The next installment of the MCU Phase 4 is here and we break it down.  BUT! Not before we talk about the new Suicide Squad trailer AND about how Joel actually watched… THE SNYDER CUT! DUN DUN DUN!

First ‘Aquaman’ Trailer Dives Headfirst Into SDCC

Warner Bros. and DC have continued to deliver the goods Saturday at San Diego Comic-con. Earlier we got our first teaser for the upcoming comedic superhero film Shazam! and just hours later, DC drops the first trailer for Aquaman, as promised by Aquaman star Jason Momoa.

After many months of being hush-hush about the film, Warner Bros. along with the cast of Aquaman made a splash by releasing an epic trailer during a …

DC Delivers Electrifying ‘Shazam!’ Trailer To SDCC

As suspected, Warner Bros. and DC has delivered a Shazam! trailer to San Diego Comic-con. The first teaser trailer debuted during the Hall H panel Saturday morning. The teaser was presented by director David F. Sandberg and star Zachary Levi. Check out the electrifying teaser trailer below.

Now that we have our first look of the film, we can definitely see the difference in tone as compared to the rest of the DCEU films. There’s …

First ‘Shazam!’ Image Reveals Zachary Levi in Costume

Warner Brothers has finally revealed the first image from the upcoming DC Comics film ‘Shazam!‘, featuring star Zachary Levi in full costume. Even though there have been a few unofficial leaks of Levi in costume as the title character, this first-look image finally shows Shazam! in his full glory. The film tells the story of Billy Batson, who upon saying the words “Shazam!”, transforms himself into an adult superhero who has increased strength, …

‘Justice League’ is a Fun, Flawed Superhero Smash

It’s been an interesting journey getting to ‘Justice League‘. When ‘Man of Steel’ opened in the summer of 2013, it was met with lukewarm reception by critics and an even more divisive response from fans. That wouldn’t even compare to the polarizing reaction ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘ would receive three years later (you can read my review here). ‘Suicide Squad’ met an even ghastlier fate, but …

Final ‘Justice League’ Trailer in Here!

Well NYCC has come to a close and theres a lot to report on but the debut of the final ‘Justice League’ trailer is definitely one of the major take aways. The last trailer was released back in July at San Diego Comic Con and with the film coming out in just over a month we knew to expect one final trailer. Fortunately Warner Bros. has decided to follow the same marketing model from SDCC