Case Of Mistaken Identity Leads Family To Bury A Complete Stranger

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(PCM) A California family is seeking an unspecified sum of money from the Orange County coroners office after a case of mistaken identity leads them to bury a complete stranger rather than their family member. read more

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Company Set To Begin Clinical Trials To Bring People Back From The Dead

(PCM) A Philadelphia- based firm called Bioquark are gearing up to begin their initial round of clinical testing in an attempt to bring people back from the dead. After many years of research the company revealed in late 2016 that they believe that brain death is not permanent and could perhaps be reversible.

The CEO of the company Ira Pastor has now revealed that the company will begin testing a newly developed stem cell method …

Husband Pens A Heartbreaking Post Explaining Why He Kept The Body Of His Deceased Wife In Their Bedroom For Six Days

(PCM) Russell Davisons’ absolutely heart-wrenching post explaining why he kept the body of his deceased wife Wendy in their bedroom for six days has gone viral and once you read it, you will completely understand. Get ready to have the tissues handy!

Russells’ wife Wendy’s 1o-year long battle with cervical cancer came to an end on April 21, 2017, but over the course of her illness she was a true fighter and her will to …

Artist Creates ‘Euthanasia Roller Coaster’ Designed To Kill It’s Riders

(PCM) An artist by the name of  Julijonas Urbonas has created what is arguably one of the most controversial inventions. His project is called the “Euthanasia Coaster”, which is a roller coaster that is designed to kill its’ riders. According to his website, Urbonas says his coaster design is “a hypothetic roller coaster, engineered to humanely—with elegance and euphoria—take the life of a human being.”

It sounds a little demented and creepy to us, but …

Relax Everyone! Axl Rose Is Alive And Well After Falling Victim To A Death Hoax


(PCM) Yet another celebrity death hoax has gone viral on social media and this time the victim was Guns N’ Roses front man Axl Rose.

The death hoax posting was designed to appear as if it legitimately came from an MSNBC report, however it is not true and Axl Rose is very much alive and well.

The people behind the hoax have no affiliation with the actual MSNBC website and are in the business of …

RIP: Lauren Bacall – 1924-2014

LaurenBacall(PCM) Hollywood lost another legend this week; the captivating Lauren Bacall, famous for her roles alongside Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep, Key Largo, and To Have and Have Not, passed away earlier today, August 12, 2014.

Catching her break in 1944 as Marie ‘Slim’ Browning, the seductive lounge singer in To Have and Have Not, Bacall quickly made a name for herself in Hollywood with her characteristic sultry voice, good …

The Death of Wolverine

Marvel kills off Wolverine

Marvel kills off Wolverine

(PCM) – The Death of Superman, death of Spider-Man, Captain America, Batman, death of Wolverine? Yes, it’s coming. Does it matter? Only if you like good story telling.

No matter if you collect comics or are a ‘speculator’ the issue won’t be worth much as the print run will be so high the glut will make the issue worthless beyond what you read.

Still care about this article? Good, then perhaps …