Daddy Issues Star Andrew Pifko Interviewed

Andrew Pifko is handsome, talented,  sweet and intelligent,  making him a favorite to watch on TV and in the movies. He has the ability to charm us with a winning smile,  incredible talent and smoldering good looks. In short, he is the whole package when it comes to what a leading man should be. 

His latest project, Daddy Issues shows him in a whole new light. He plays the role of a father estranged from …

Actor Sloane Siegel Interviewed

Sloane Siegel may be young, but he has the talent and star quality of those three times his age. He is also charming, charismatic and kind, making him the whole package when it comes to the term superstar. 

The actor has been seen in shows such as Modern Family, Big Time Rush and NCIS,  as well as Gortimer Gibbons’s Life. On Normal Street,  the role that put him on the map. 

The eighteen year old …