EDM Artist CHYL’s New Track “Bestie” Doubles as a Female Empowerment Anthem and Hyper Dance Song

CHYL Shares Her Journey and How Female Friendship Aided in Her Success as an EDM Artist


Chinese-Canadian LA based EDM artist Rachel Shi or CHYL(pronounced “chill”) just released her new song “Bestie”-an energetic collaboration with DJ Amber Na. CHYL has created, written and produced multiple singles throughout 2021 including “Boom Boom”, “All That Bass” and “Tokyo Affair”. Her songs range from influences of house and dance to hip hop and hyperpop. She frequently collaborated …

Lost Interview from 2008 with Jean Paul Makhlouf & Cash Cash

Cash Cash 2009

(DM) — Our lost Cash Cash audio interview features front man Jean Paul Makhlouf (Vocals) and the rest of the band in the background: Alexander, Luke Makhlouf (Keys), Samuel Warren Frisch (Bass) and Anthony Villacari (Drums).


Enjoy this audio interview. You will learn a lot. One story that sticks out is JP talking about how they came up with song Party In Your Bedroom. It may surprise you.

Cash CashThis is a lost interview …