Five Fave: TV Celebrity Crushes

While researching TV shows for articles, and scouring all of my streaming subscriptions for something to watch, I realized that I kind of have a “type”. I am intrigued by bad-ass brunettes who stand up for themselves, and help others. Apparently, I also love science fiction characters. Here are my Five Fave TV Celebrity Crushes.


BONUS – 1960’s Crush – Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Montgomery portrayed the good witch Samantha Stephens on the comedy …

Five Fave: How To Netflix And Quarantine – Insanely Ridiculous Comedy Series

So you’re still doing your part staying home in self quarantine. Now is the perfect time to catch up on your binge watching. With as surreal as life has been lately, you may as well ride the wave and explore the most implausible of comedic situations. Here are our Five Fave Netflix And Quarantine – Insanely Ridiculous Comedy Series:

5. Arrested Development5 Seasons, 84 Episodes, plus a Season 4 Remix with …