Husband Pens A Heartbreaking Post Explaining Why He Kept The Body Of His Deceased Wife In Their Bedroom For Six Days

(PCM) Russell Davisons’ absolutely heart-wrenching post explaining why he kept the body of his deceased wife Wendy in their bedroom for six days has gone viral and once you read it, you will completely understand. Get ready to have the tissues handy!

Russells’ wife Wendy’s 1o-year long battle with cervical cancer came to an end on April 21, 2017, but over the course of her illness she was a true fighter and her will to …

Famous Delaware Hotel Cancels Reservation For The Homeless On Christmas


(PCM) We have recently come across a story that was reported exclusively to where a man by the name of Matthew Senge who works for the Road To Redemption Ministries had reserved a two room suite at the famous Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware on Christmas Day as a gift for six homeless individuals in the area.

It was Senge’s hope that the homeless guests would be able to enjoy a warm bed and …

You Can Now Wear The New Nano Bible As Jewelry


(PCM) An Israeli company has created the Nano Bible, which is a microchip the contains the entire New Testament that can be worn as jewelry.

The size of the Nano Bible is less than a fifth of an inch square and it can be mounted on a necklace worn around your neck. However, in order to actually read the Nano Bible you will need a special microscope.

Included in the Nano Bible is the original …

Holiday Names Removed From A Maryland Public School Calendar


(PCM) Folks in Maryland’s Montgomery County are outraged over the area school boards recent decision to have names of holidays such as Christmas and Easter, as well as, Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah stricken from next year’s school calendar.

According to the Washington Post, the Montgomery County school board voted 7 to 1 to eliminate the references to all religious holidays on the school’s calendar for 2015-2016. The issue was brought to a vote after …

Church Hands Over $160,000 To Its’ Parishioners


(PCM) Due to a decades old real estate deal, the non-denominational LaSalle Street Church in Chicago recently came into quite a bit of money. We are talking about $1.6 million and the pastor was having a very hard time deciding what to do with all of the extra funds.

She recently reached a decision to give about 10% of the money, which equaled out to be about $160,000, to the parishioners of the church themselves. …

Junior High Student Forced To Change Out Of A “Virginity Rocks” T-Shirt


(PCM) Chloe Rubiano of Fayetteville, Alabama was informed by school officials that wearing a t-shirt that read “Virginity Rocks” was deemed inappropriate because it contained “sexual content” and was forced to change in order to avoid punishment.

Rubiano claims that she just loved the shirt because it is a statement to how she was raised and what she believes in. She never assumed that anyone would make a big deal over it. She had worn …

High School Senior Suspended For Saying “Bless You” To A Fellow Sneezing Student


(PCM) Have we really become a society that is this over-sensitive to common phraseology or even common courtesy for that matter? A Tennessee high school senior was recently given an in-school suspension over saying “bless you” to a fellow student who had just sneezed.

I mean for many of us, the phrase “bless you” comes out without even thinking when someone around us sneezes. It’s like second nature and most certainly shows common courtesy and …

Young Man Performs A Selfless Act To Help An Elderly Woman When Trapped In An Elevator


(PCM) A young man, Cesar Larios, turned himself into a human chair to assist an elderly woman after the two became trapped in an elevator for over half an hour.

When the elevator became stuck, Larios selflessly allowed the 79-year old elderly woman named Rita Young  to use his back as a chair so that she was able to stay off her feet. He promised the woman that he was there and that he was …

Hobby Lobby Did Not Fire An Employee For Getting A Divorce


(PCM) Despite whatever rumors you may have seen circulating, it turns out the Hobby Lobby did not fire an employee for obtaining a divorce without company approval.

The story which was posted on The Daily Currant claimed that 33-year old Hobby Lobby employee Jennifer Silverton was terminated after she filed for divorce from her abusive husband of six years. The story claims that Silverton was terminated for reasons of “moral laxity” after upper management learned …

Prom Queen, Kendra Muller, Gives Her Crown To A Special Needs Student

Prom1(PCM) This is definitely a story that tugs at your heartstrings and proves that even with all the headlines about bullying and selfishness that takes place in high schools there are still those out there that are willing to do a good deed and care about others.

The junior class at Riverton High School in Utah, crowned sixteen year old Kendra Muller as their 2014 prom queen, however they never would have guessed that three …

Out With The Purity Rings And In With The Purity Balls

Purity-Ball1(PCM) Purity Balls are part of the new father-daughter chastity trend that is currently sweeping the nation. During the “Purity Balls” a father essentially becomes his daughters boyfriend until marriage in order to protect her purity and virginity.

The ceremony, which happens to be very much like a marriage ceremony, occurs when a girl is around twelve years old and her father presents her with a purity ring and they then become boyfriend and girlfriend …

Known Prankster Shares A “Winning” Lottery Ticket With Homeless Man

Homeless-lottery1(PCM) This story has been generating a lot of buzz after a well-known prankster, by the name of Rahat gave a local homeless man in his area a “winning” lottery ticket.

Rahat opens the video by telling viewers that he recently took notice of a homeless man in a shopping center near his home and is planning to give him a “winning” lottery ticket. Little does the homeless man know, but the ticket is actually …