Securing Your Family’s Future With Life Insurance

Securing Family’s Future : 5 benefits of Life Insurance

Life is in no way an all-smooth journey. There are numerous ups and downs as one goes through life. No person in the world can predict even one day into the future with absolute surety. It does not take much time for happiness to turn to despair due to a freak accident. There is only one way to ensure you and your family’s security. 

You can’t

What is The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), administers all federal laws that regulate the securities industry. Fancy words for, they police the investment world and make sure no one’s doing any shady business.

A security is another word for—stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and many other types of intangible investments. If you buy gold bars (a tangible asset), that’s not a security, but if you buy stock in a precious metal fund (intangible), that’s a security. Many …

Study Reveals Youngsters Strive To Become ‘YouTubers’ As Most-Desired Career!

(PCM) A shocking new study that was recently conducted by travel company First Choice has revealed some eye-opening results that claim children are striving to become “YouTubers” more than any other career path. The Sun reports that the 1,000 children aged six to seventeen were asked the age old question of ‘What do you want to be when you grow-up?’ and more than one third of them responded that they had strong aspirations to become …

Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries Retires


(PCM) Is it wrong that I am a little bit happy to learn that Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries has announced his retirement from the company effective immediately.

The news of Jeffries retirement comes after it was revealed that the company’s third quarter earnings were about 60 million under expectation.

Also due to all the controversy surrounding Jeffries comments about the brand’s target market and demographic the company began declining in popularity at a …

Jay-Z Made It Rain Two-Dollar Bills At Made In America Festival..But Why?


(PCM) Those of us at the recent Made In America Festival in Philadelphia were being showered by both cake and champagne during the rousing set from DJ Steve Aoki, but also got showered with something a bit more unusual….two-dollar bills courtesy of Jay-Z himself, and the mysterious “Two-Dollar Bill Man”.

Most of the festival attendees paid little mind to this small financial gift, thinking it was part of either Aoki’s set or just some generosity …

New Delaware Law Grants Families Access To Your Digital Afterlife


(PCM) As we become a more and more technology driven society, the family’s of deceased loved ones are often left with the question of how to deal with that person’s digital affairs, not just their physical ones. There has been a ton of grey area when dealing with the legality of an individuals digital life such as access to social networks, gaming, email accounts and other online activities.

A non-profit called Uniform Law Commission has …

What is an Online Cash or Direct Deposit ACH Loan?

Dollars(Sponsored) Cash loans online are a recent phenomenon that emerged with the prominence of e-commerce. An online cash loan is a payday loan, or cash advance, that is applied for, processed, and funded entirely electronically through an ACH. A consumer is able to conveniently apply for a loan with internet access and does not have to physically walk or drive to a local payday loan store to get the funds they need. This provides the …