Devon Sawa Will Return For Chucky Season Two

Devon Sawa the Canadian born actor will return for season 2 of Chucky. Sawa is no stranger to the horror genre with credits that include Idle Hands, Final Destination, and season 1 of Chucky. Oh yea, and he played Stan in that Eminem music video of the same name back in the day, which should have been made into a horror movie by now.

Chucky season 1 premiered on the US Network and SYFY in …

Chucky Is Coming To Get You On October 12th On SyFy

Chucky the killer doll from the 80s that horror fans have come to love is getting his own television series this October. The television series is being created by Childs Play creator Don Mancini who has been with the franchise from the very beginning and helped make Chucky a world wide sensation.

The series will serve as a continuation of Cult of Chucky the seventh film in the Childs Play franchise. Brad Dourif will return …

Are You Prepped And Ready For ‘The Purge’?

Words and review by Stephen Nepa and Kristyn Clarke

“The Purge” is coming to takeover your TV screens, but first some the actors and producers of the series stopped by San Diego Comic Con to talk everything Purge and much more. The series will be premiering on the USA Network on September 4th for a ten-episode run.

This will be the first time that the franchise, made famous in the movie theaters, will be making …