Syfy Brings The Gore With Blood Drive

(PCM) Gore hounds unite Syfy will be be bringing you the blood and guts you might have been missing. Long since the days of USA Networks ” Up All Night ” and  TNT’S Joe Bob Briggs ” MonsterVision” which mainly showed campy B movies, something has been missing in the campy movie paradox.

Syfy has released the first trailer for its upcoming grindhouse cinema-inspired series Blood Drive which stars Christina Ochoa and Alan Ritchson.

After …

The Longer You Stare At This Image The Creepier It Becomes!

Photo credit: Jeff Lee Johnson

(PCM) An artist by the name of Jeff Lee Johnson was recently commissioned to illustrate a rule book for a Fantasy Flight card game and one of his pieces titled “Blue Plate Special” is going viral due to all of it’s subtle nods to outright gore.

Seriously … the more you stare at this image the more it engrosses you and the creepier it becomes overall. You suddenly begin to …

Get Dirty with “Septic Man”

Septic_Man(PCM) Are you one of the few people that appreciates the horror of Human Centipede? Then you oughta catch Septic Man, from the makers of Monster Brawl and Pontypool, opening in theaters on a limited run starting August 15, 2014 and coming out on DVD August 19.

Septic Man follows Jack, a sewage worker who is determined to uncover the cause of the town’s water contamination crisis. During his investigation, he becomes …