Be Sure To Check Out ‘George Carlin’s American Dream’ For A Look Into The Brilliant Mind Of One Of Comedy’s Greatest

George Carlin is one of the greatest comics to ever grace the stage. The stand up comic lived a roller coaster of a life when it came to stand up comedy and social commentary. His jokes are still talked about to this very day by other comedians, and he is one of the pillars of comedy.

In fact many of his jokes on society have been made into popular memes on social media.  Carlin was …

What’s Coming to HBOMax in June 2022

Streaming Lists and News for HBOMax in June 2022

 DC Spinoff Centering Around Kite Man Ordered for HBOMax

After the animated series Harley Quinn skyrocketed to popularity, HBOMax realized just how valuable its DC properties could be. The show is the 8th most high-demanded show domestically on the platform. A secondary character and ex-boyfriend to Poison Ivy, Kite Man may not be known among more casual DC fans but he’s about to be center stage …

What’s Coming to HBOMax in May 2022

Streaming Lists and News for HBOMax in May 2022

The It Universe is Expanding with New Prequel Show

Get ready to return to Derry, Maine’s haunted, gruesome town. HBOMax has just ordered a prequel show with the working title Welcome to Derry. The show will be written and directed by Jason Fuchs who directed It chapters one and two. Double Dream productions will executive produce under Warner Bros. Not much has been revealed about the …

Euphoria season 2 Experiments With Non-Linear Storytelling-and Kinda Fails

Euphoria Season Two Was Definitely Shocking, But Was it as Good as Season One?

HBO’s emmy-award-winning teen drama Euphoria concluded its second season yesterday with its finale episode featuring crucial events that are indefinitely going to shape the next season and from on-screen and off. 

Euphoria stars Zendaya as Rue Bennett, a teenager battling addiction. The show follows her and her friends as they navigate a complicated landscape of dysfunctional families, difficult relationships, and learning

How Moses Storm Uses His Humble Beginnings to Forge a Successful Stand-Up Comedy Career 

When Moses Storm was a young boy, one of six children reared by missionary parents, he watched Conan O’Brien by recording episodes over Christian learning tapes. It was one of the few pleasures of a very difficult life that he has turned into a stand-up comedy routine that resonates with his audiences far and wide.

His hard knocks life, including living in a converted Greyhound bus, is a big part of the stand-up comic’s material,

What’s Coming to HBOMax in March of 2022

HBOMax News For March 2022

Comedy Central series South Side has been renewed for a third season on HBOMax. The show follows Sultan Salahuddin and Kareme Young as Simon and Kareme, two community college grads who have big dreams for the future. Unfortunately, they’re stuck working at a rental company in their Englewood, Chicago neighborhood. While South Side made its debut on comedy central, HBOMax picked the show up for season two, introducing the show

A Season Two Of The White Lotus Is In The Works

Last July a series came to HBO and was an instant hit with fans. The show was one of the best on television in 2021, and were not the only ones saying that, as the show was a hit with critics too. The show we are talking about is The White Lotus.

The White Lotus follows the exploits and misadventures of various guests and employees at a tropical resort over the course of one week.  …

The Fallout Grapples With Loss, Love, and Healing-But is it Properly Executed?

Megan Park’s The Fallout Review

The Secret Life of The American Teenager’s Megan Park’s directorial debut, The Fallout was just released last week on HBOMax, a new gen-z centered film starring Jenna Ortega of Disney’s Stuck In The Middle and Netflix’s You and Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms.

The film depicts the two girl’s budding relationship after being caught in their school bathroom together during a school shooting, their co-star Niles Fitch’s character Quinton also

John Cena And James Gunn Deliver A Hit With Peacemaker Now Streaming On HBO Max

The first three episodes of Peacemaker are now streaming on HBO Max. The series has fans loving John Cena in the role of Peacemaker. The show is an off shoot from Gunn’s 2021’s movie, The Suicide Squad which see’s Peacemaker being one of the villain’s. And the show is the aftermath of what goes down with his character in that film.

John Cena was born to play the role of Peacemaker, and if you thought …

What’s Coming to HBOMax in February 2022

February 10th-The Girl Before

This BBC/HBO drama sure won’t get you in the mood for love. The Girl Before stars British romance actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Jane, a young woman who agrees to live in a minimalist speciality house designed by a meticulous architect Edward(David Oyelowo). As Jane’s stay progresses she learns of some disturbing information about the girl who occupied the space before her as well as shocking revelations about the man behind

The Hit Teen Drama “Euphoria” is Back-and It Has More Drama Than Ever

“Euphoria” Invites You to the Most Chaotic New Year’s Eve Party Ever With its Season 2 Premiere

Fans of HBO’s gut-wrenching drama knew they were in for a ride when the Euphoria season 2 trailer dropped right before Christmas. Now in the aftermath of the first episode, viewers are left devastated, invigorated, and hungry for what’s next.

The show follows 17-year-old Rue Bennett-played by Disney starlet turned Hollywood breakout Zendaya, as she struggles with addiction, …

What’s Coming to HBO Max in January 2022

Everything coming to HBO Max in 2022 

HBO Max has just entered the streaming game but has already made quite the impression on viewers. From readily viable Christmas classics to award winning shows, HBO Max surely gave audiences a wide variety during December 2021 but what’s in store for next year? Here’s everything that will be streaming on HBO Max in January 2022.

January 1:

2 Guns, 2013
17 Again, 2009
All Star Superman, 2011…