Proven Methods to Boost Self-Discipline for Better Health

Proven Methods to Boost Self-Discipline for Better Health

Today’s modern world is absolutely bursting with temptations coming at you, left, right and centre. From food to drinks, technology, and much more; the list is endless, but research illustrates that people who show self-discipline are the happier of the two types of people in this world.

Those who demonstrate a higher state of self-control will fewer minutes deliberating over whether or not to treat themselves to

The Comeback And History Of Christmas Kissing Balls

(PCM) Not to be confused with hanging a mistletoe, Christmas Kissing Balls are medium to large size bunches of evergreens, holly and herbs placed in a spherical shape and hung in the doorways of a home. Some people may add pieces of mistletoe to them as well, as a more recognizable symbol to urge those that pass under to sneak in a kiss.

The history of Christmas Kissing Balls dates back to the time of …

Why It’s Perfectly Safe To Sometimes Ignore That Sell-By Date


(PCM) Each and every year American’s will throw away an estimated $160 billion dollars worth of perfectly good food when they believe it is expired based upon the sell-by date printed on the container. There is a big difference between the sell-by date and/or expiration date printed on the packages and the actual time frame in which the food will go bad.

Many people often confuse the sell-by date to be the actual expiration date …

Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs this Holiday Travel Season

With the country headed towards a peak travel period for the holiday season, bed bug prevention is on everyone’s mind – at least it should be! Just because you’re not staying at some run down motel doesn’t mean you’re safe from the pesky little critters (Even Simon Cowell’s ‘X-Factor’ contestants got bed bugs!! And we all know they aren’t staying in shady motels).

According to noted research entomologist and national bed bug expert, Jeffrey White …

Smart Home Device Actually Alerted Police During Domestic Altercation

(PCM) Anyone that assumed smart home devices are not always eavesdropping on the conversations that take place in our home, you are definitely wrong. However, in this particular case the smart home device, which has been revealed to be a Google Home, may have actually saved a life by alerting the local authorities to a domestic altercation that was occurring within a home in New Mexico.

A man named Eduardo Barros was house-sitting at a …

Cloud Eggs Are The Latest Food Trend And Are Surprisingly Easy To Make!

(PCM) Cloud Eggs, otherwise known as Eggs In A Cloud is the newest “it” food to take over our social media feeds, especially on Instagram, which can be a foodies paradise!

While the Cloud Eggs look like they would be fairly complicated to make, in reality they are really pretty simplistic. They are created by separating the egg yolk from the egg white and the egg white is then whipped, formed into a cloud shape …

DreamWorks Released a New Trailer for Animated Comedy ‘Home’

Homes(PCM) Yahoo! Movies exclusively debuted the new trailer for DreamWorks’ animated adventure-comedy, Home, and an alien invasion never looked so fun.

Starring the voice talents of Jim Parsons and Rihanna, Home follows the misadventures of a lonely alien, Oh, who befriends a human girl after arriving on Earth only to have his fellow aliens kick all the humans off and invade the planet. The official synopsis follows:

When Earth is taken over by the

Sponsored Post: The Bosch #LoveMyFridge Giveaway

I think a refrigerator is probably one of the most underrated household appliances! Seriously, think about how many times a day you open and close its’ doors. It is used so many times in our daily lives that we often times forget to show it the true love and respect it deserves.

It is one of those appliances that is always there just ready and waiting to serve. Standing regally in the corner, keeping our …

Ladies Home Journal Magazine Makes A Major Cut Back

Ladies-Home-Journal1(PCM) The magazine print industry has been in a steady decline over the past few years, with many magazines being forced to make tremendous cut-backs to avoid having to end up folding completely.

The latest magazine to be affected by cut-backs is the popular Ladies Home Journal, one of the nations oldest women’s magazines. The Meredith Corporation who owns the magazine has recently announced that they will be putting an end to all subscription services. …

Who Needs Machines? Watch As Eighty Amish Men Pick Up A House And Move It


(PCM) A clip that was captured by a woman in Spartansburg, PA shows just how the Amish get things done, that thing being moving an entire home from one location to another with nothing but their bare hands. The use of machinery is banned in their community.

It took about eighty men to get the job done, however it was a success. The video clip shows a few men guiding the dozens who are underneath …