Idris Elba Reveals Coronavirus Diagnosis

Thor star Idris Elba has been diagnosed with coronavirus, TVGrapevine has learned. He made the announcement on his official Twitter page earlier today.

Spoiler Free Movie Review: Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw

Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw is a fast-paced tour de force of action and comedy starring Jason Statham and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as characters from the Fast & Furious franchise. The movie plays as any spy thriller does, so it is not necessary to know the characters’ back story. The visuals are stunning, with stunts and effects as exciting as any put on film in recent memory. This is a super enjoyable …

The Hype For ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Is In Full Swing

(AOTN) Tickets have already went on sale for Marvel Studio’s highly anticipated “Thor: Ragnarok” which is set to hit theaters on November 3rd! To add even more to the hype, Marvel Studios has also unveiled new character posters in support of the upcoming film, which can be seen below:

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In Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Ragnarok,” Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe without his mighty hammer and finds himself …

The Dark Tower Film Review! Does It Live Up To The Hype?

(AOTN) ‘The Dark Tower”, the multi-decade work of master storyteller Mr.Stephen King, has, at long last, finally be made into a feature film. After having the opportunity to view the film I have come away with a couple of notions, most notably that much more work could have and should have been done to make the final product more appealing to the countless fans that have followed this book series throughout the years.

Stephen King …

Sony Reveals The Trailer For Stephen King Adaptation “The Dark Tower”

(AOTN) Sony Pictures has released the official trailer for Stephen Kings ” The Dark Tower.” King fans have been waiting for this film for many years. The Dark Tower follows the story of  The Gunslinger, Roland Deschain,  who roams around an Old West-like landscape where “the world has moved on” in pursuit of the man in black.  Roland is also searching for the fabled Dark Tower, in the hopes that reaching it will preserve his …

New Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer To Premiere Monday, Jan. 12

Avengers1(PCM) The second installment in Marvel Studios Avengers series, Avengers: Age of Ultron, is still five months out from its May 1, 2015 release, but the hype has been steadily building since audiences first saw Joss Whedon’s post-credit scenes at The Avengers‘ L.A. premiere in April of 2012.

After the first official trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron leaked a few days before it was scheduled to air during an episode of Marvels’ …

Pixar’s “Finding Dory” Releases Plot and Setting Details

FindingDory(PCM) When Pixar released Finding Nemo in 2003, the animated feature about an anxious clownfish, Marlin, on the hunt to find his son, Nemo, with the help with an endearingly forgetful fish, Dory, became an instant classic.

When news broke in 2012 that a sequel to Finding Nemo was in the works, the excitement was palpable. Then in 2013, Disney announced that the sequel would be titled Finding Dory and would star returning stars Albert …

“No Good Deed” in theaters September 12

NoGoodDeed(PCM) Sony Screen Gem’s latest thriller, No Good Deed, hits theaters nationwide September 12, 2014.

Terri (Taraji P. Henson), a devoted wife and mother of two, lives an ideal life that takes a dramatic turn when her home and children are threatened by Colin (Idris Elba), a charming stranger who smooth-talks his way into her house, claiming car trouble.

The unexpected invitation leaves her and her family terrorized and fighting for survival.

No Good