Benjamin Franklin Born January 17, 1706

Happy Birthday, Benjamin Franklin!Ben1In movies and in real life, whenever people talk about large amounts of money, they talk about the Benjamins. This is because of Benjamin Franklin, who is on the $100 bill.

When Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706, no one knew then that he would be famous. People think of Franklin as a genius, but he had only two years of formal schooling. He was apprenticed at …

January 17 in Pop Culture History

January 17 in Pop Culture History
1706 – Ben Franklin ‘The First American’ was born.

1773 – Captain James Cook and his crew became the first Europeans to sail below the Antarctic Circle.

1929 – Popeye made his 1st appearance, in comic strip ‘Thimble Theater’

1929 – From the Mount Wilson Observatory, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Edwin Hubble showed that the universe was expanding.

1946 – The United Nations Security Council held its 1st meeting…