Let’s Get Schwifty! Season Four Of ‘Rick And Morty’ Coming This Fall!

The last episode of “Rick And Morty” aired back in October of 2017 and since that time fans have been eagerly awaiting any news about when our zany adventurers will be making their triumphant return. We can now finally confirm that season four of “Rick And Morty” will be airing in November of 2019, marking nearly two full years since the conclusion of season three.

The announcement was made at the Warner Group (which owns …

Jaden Smith Set To Play A Young Version Of Kanye West

It is certainly no big surprise that none other than Kanye West, himself, would be developing an anthology series about … you guessed it!  Himself! However the planned anthology series will not be any sort of documentary, but something very, very different. It has been revealed that Jaden Smith will portray Kanye West in the upcoming project.

Here’s what we know so far! The future series, modestly entitled Omniverse, will focus on “examining the many …

Strick Drops “Slime Neighbors” Video and Announces EP “See You When I Land”

Atlanta rapper Strick just dropped one of the hottest records of the year.” ~ Elevator
[I]t’s a hot record you’ll likely be hearing all summer long.” ~ Hypebeast
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Young Thug’s right hand man and artist, Strick returns with his latest music video and single, “Slime Neighbors” and announces his latest EP, See You

A Collection Of The Most Intense Celebrity Feuds!

Love them or hate them, celebrities are a huge part of pop culture as we follow their trials and tribulations navigating their way throughout Hollywood. As much as we love to hear about various celebrity triumph, we also can’t help be a bit obsessed with a good amount of their drama as well.

While many celebrities are full of personal drama, over the years there has been a good amount of celebrity feuds with one …