‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Review

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle‘ is an interesting film. Not only is it Director Matthew Vaughn‘s first sequel to his own work, but it is also perhaps the least Vaughn-esque of his entire filmography, structurally speaking. If you look back on Vaughn’s movies, you’ll notice a structural through line that connects all of Vaughn’s and co-screenwriter/frequent collaborator Jane Goldman‘s scripts. “Stardust, “Kick-Ass, “X-Men: First Class

What Does ScreenX Have to Offer?

Unfamiliar with ScreenX? So was I until recently. To sum it up quickly ScreenX essentially is a “270-degree panoramic film viewing experience within a theater setting”. This new premium format is being brought to us by the same company behind the 4DX technology. When I first heard about ScreenX I was very curious how the whole thing worked. I sort of just made the assumption that the screen would be stretched super wide or providing …

Sequelitis!: The Necessary Disease Ravaging Hollywood

Remember 2011? Not a particularly memorable year, but some highlights stand out. That was the year Obama released his long form birth certificate, it was the year of a major tsunami hitting Japan, it was the year we got Osama bin Laden…it was also the year of 27 sequels.


Yeah, that sounds like a bad title to 26 Sequels, my favorite Cambodian/Peruvian film (sarcasm), but how crazy is that? Now, I want …

Box Office Roundup: ‘Kingsman’ Takes the Crown

After two weeks on top, Kingsman: The Golden Circle has topped the juggernaut hit IT.  While the Kingsman sequel earned enough to take the top spot, the film performed under expectations.  Kingsman: The Golden Circle brought in an estimated $39 million domestically in its opening weekend.  The original Kingsman earned $36.2 in its opening weekend domestically ($128.2 million in total in the States)) and $414 million worldwide back in 2015.  The numbers seem on …

‘Kingsmen: The Golden Circle’ Character Posters Released

(AOTN) New ‘Kingsmen: The Golden Circle‘ character posters have been released, courtesy of 20th Century Fox. The posters, which follow the red band trailer that was unveiled recently, offer some insight into each of the characters’ personalities. Much like the aforementioned trailer, these posters are a lot of fun. Hopefully the movie will be the same.

The film is directed by Matthew Vaughn, and was written by Vaughn and longtime collaborator …