The 10 Best Screwball Comedy Movies List

10 Best Screwball Comedy Movies List

(DM) Many, if not all 10 best screwball lists on the Internet do not know what screwball is! You can’t put a movie on a list if it doesn’t fit the genre! We separate the two to create a true 10 best only screwball comedies.

Due to so many false top 10 lists everywhere that mix up slapstick with screwball, let’s separate the two with a quick definition …

Aquaman Is DC’s Most Profitable Movie Because It’s Their Best Movie

Aquaman’s Exciting Hero’s Journey Origin Story  Is DC’s Best Movie

5 of 5 DangersFive out of Five Dangers

(DM) — Aquaman Is DC’s Most Profitable Movie Because It’s Their Best Movie, not Superman, not Batman, not Wonder Woman, none of DC’s trinity own that title. All of them pale in comparison to Aquaman. Who knew Aquaman would be the best movie in the DC Extended Universe? Long time DC comic book writer Geoff Johns delivered an epic journey.…

What is a Meme?

One Does Not Simply Write an Article About Memes

What is a Meme?

One Does Not Simply Explain a MemeWhat is a meme and where does a meme come from?

Ask any person what a meme is and they will most likely either stumble through the question or struggle to articulate it’s exact meaning. In fact after reading this article, have some great fun with friends. Pose the question “What is a meme?” and watch how a debate erupts as they parse the specifics.

So what is a meme?

In …

How To Evaluate a Dating Profile

Love is Greater Than Money

A Guide to Online Dating

Face it, we’ve all either tried it or use online dating.  Most of us have legitimate reasons for using online dating. Many ‘must’ use online dating due to work hours, lifestyle, or live in rural places, their is a legitimately long list of good reasons. Here are the primary reasons why people MUST use online dating. This will help you …

Cinematography Film Production Lingo & Terms

Lars Hindsley Filming Tedx

If you are like me, you may have backed into cinematography production. I started in paintball of all places, with some inline skate videos over time. Hundreds of video productions later, and millions of YouTube views in I began to learn as much about film production and cinematography as I did my other interests. We all have to learn how to use a video camera and video production to stay relevant.

Let me save you …