Five Fave: TV Theme Songs From The 1970’s

Television in the 1970’s reflected the turbulent times at the turn of the decade. In the midst of an endless controversial war, social justice struggles, political scandal, and the earth-shattering achievements of the moon landing and space exploration, TV became grittier and more inclusive. Presenting our Five Fave TV Theme Songs From The 1970’s.


#5 – Good Times – Jim Gilstrap & Blinky Williams

There was hardly a successful TV show in the …

Didi Conn on Grease, Middletown and Enduring Friendship

[Didi Conn with Adrian Zmed in the new play Middletown]

Sometimes life imitates art. Just ask Didi Conn, whose recent stage reunion with old friends is giving us a  happy walk down memory lane and attracting new pals.

Conn is best known as Frenchy the “beauty school drop-out” in Grease, the John Travolta-Olivia Newton-John classic movie musical that has celebrated its 40th Anniversary, and she continues to have an active career as an actress, …