Why Do Pennies Symbolize Good Luck?


(PCM) Many of you may not know, but May 23rd is Lucky Penny Day, but just why are pennies so lucky in the first place? Why not a lucky dime … or even a lucky quarter? There are several myths about just why the penny symbolizes good fortune and we are here to break down a few of the most popular legends and myths.¬†

Many people are aware of the adage “See a penny. Pick …

Lucky Teen Wins Lottery Twice


(PCM) Some people have no luck at all. Some people have all the luck in the world. In a world full of people that wish upon stars for miracles to happen, it is good to hear and read stories about this from time to time. I must warn you if you are easily jealous of other peoples luck, don’t read any further.

Still there ? Okay I will proceed. ¬†Every once in awhile you …