Would You Like Fries With That? A Look At Some Of The Oddest Celebrity Food Endorsements

(PCM) Over the years celebrities have endorsed a multitude of various products, however when looking for the most popular our attention generally drifts towards food. Many celebs are quick to hop on the bandwagon and lend their name/likeness  to weight loss products such as Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, while others have had more signature food dishes created in their honor.

We have taken a look at many celebrity inspired food items and compiled a …

Do You Want Crack With That? McDonalds Drugs Busted

McLovin McDrugs(PCM) Move over McLovin’, now there is McCrackin’.

In an upscale suburb of Philadelphia, PA a McDonalds employee wasn’t just asking if you want fries with your meal. But customers apparently were still “lovin it”.

Allen Trammell has been arrested by Radnor Police at the Mainline McDonalds holding 57 bags of crack cocaine. The police describe Trammell as a street level dealer that made his sales by word-of-mouth selling dime bags of crack.

Earning an …

Why Does Fast Food Never Look The Same As Its’ Advertised?


(PCM) Have you ever taken the time to notice that when you grab some quick food to go at your favorite fast food spot it never quite looks the same as it does in those appetizing and enticing photos you see in the advertisements?

Well, a man by the name of Greg Benson of Mediocre Films decided to do a fun little social experiment and put several fast food retailers to the test of making …

The McDonald’s Versus Taco Bell Breakfast War


(PCM) It has now become an all out viral war on social media between both McDonald’s and Taco Bell, after Taco Bell launched their new breakfast menu last week.

McDonald’s attacked first, when starting on Monday morning, they will be offering customers a free small cup of McCafe coffee at all participating U.S. locations during breakfast hours. The attack was in response to a Taco Bell advertisement that featured twenty or so real men actually …

McDonald’s Employee Fired For Buying Firefighers Breakfast

McDonalds1(PCM) Twenty-three year old former morning manager of the McDonald’s store in Olean, NY, Heather Levia, has been fired from her position after she purchased breakfast for a group of firefighters from her community.

Levia was aware that the particular group of firefighters had been battling a blaze in sub-zero temperatures overnight and as a way to show her appreciation for their efforts, she took $83 of her own money, not the stores, and decided …