Why Do Pennies Symbolize Good Luck?


(PCM) Many of you may not know, but May 23rd is Lucky Penny Day, but just why are pennies so lucky in the first place? Why not a lucky dime … or even a lucky quarter? There are several myths about just why the penny symbolizes good fortune and we are here to break down a few of the most popular legends and myths. 

Many people are aware of the adage “See a penny. Pick …

Colombian Woman Swallows $7,000 During Fight With Husband

(PCM) Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! A Colombian woman is said to have swallowed $7,000 U.S. dollars during a recent fight with her husband. The woman claims that she was attempting to hide the money from her husband so she decided to eat 57 rolls of $100 dollar bills. She revealed that she had saved the money over time to surprise her husband with a holiday getaway and obtained it by …

Elderly Woman Caught With Cash In Her Girdle In The Airport


(PCM) A 78 year old woman from Florida was travelling on an international trip to the Philippines with her daughter when she was caught at Detroit Metropolitan Airport with nearly $41,000 in cash hidden in her girdle, bra and carry-on bag.

Federal law declares that travelers much declare if they are carrying more than $10,000 in cash. The woman initially claimed that she was only carrying $200 in cash and then later filled out a …

Clever China Eastern Airlines Passenger Cheats System and Eats Free For a Year

file0001360139839(PCM) There are lots of different ways you can save money while traveling through the airport; don’t check any bags, volunteer to be bumped from your flight, pack a snack, etc., but few people live life as far on the edge as one China Eastern Airlines’ passenger.

As Kwong Wah Yit Poh reported, a passenger on China Eastern Airlines used a first class ticket to enjoy meals and beverages in the VIP Lounge in Xi’an …

Bank Accidentally Deposits $31,000 Into Teens Account, Can You Guess What Happened?


(PCM) While a bank error sounds like something that can only happen while playing a game of Monopoly, for one Georgia teen a bank error in his favor now has him in some hot water.

Eighteen-year old Ebenezer Von Tasselhound went on quite a spending spree after the amount of $31,000 was accidentally deposited into his bank account. A teller at the  First Citizens Bank in Athens, GA was responsible for the error, as the …