NEEDTOBREATHE, Switchfoot Pack The Met In Philadelphia

The tandem proved to be strong tour package

NEEDTOBREATHE [Matt Bishop Photo]

Last night, NEEDTOBREATHE’s Into The Mystery Tour rolled through The Met in Philadelphia with special guest Switchfoot. The tour’s stellar production, complete with massive LED screens and bubbles (yes, bubbles), was a joy for the capacity crowd. With tons of tours hitting the road over the last few months, this tandem has proved to be a great package.

Switchfoot [Matt Bishop Photo]

After …

NEEDTOBREATHE Gives Texas ‘ALL THE FEELS’ at Whitewater Music Amphitheater

Creating a good album takes skill. Performing your album on stage and sounding good takes talent. But to take the stage and perform better than you sound on your album is a sign of artistry. NEEDTOBREATHE live to the highest degree of true artistry.

It’s no wonder their current tour is called the ALL THE FEELS tour because you feel all the feels. The full gamut of human emotions will take over your soul during …