November 17 is The International Day of Peace

Now called The International Day of Peace, World Peace Day was established in about 1997.  The idea of the day is for individuals to do what they can in order to obtain world peace.

It is interesting to think of how our own prejudices get in the way of peace.  I am reminded of a story of Saint Francis of Assisi who absolutely loathed lepers.  This was reasonable.  Lepers could pass on the disease and …

November 17 in Pop Culture History

November 17 in Pop Culture History

1558 – Queen Mary I of England died and was succeeded by her half-sister, The ‘Virgin Queen’ Elizabeth I of England.

1827 – The Delta Phi & Sigma Phi fraternities were founded at Union College in Schenectady, New York. Along with Kappa Alpha Society and Sigma Phi Society, the trio were informally called the ‘Union Triad’.

1855 – David Livingstone became the first European to see Victoria Falls in …