Ozzfest Meets Knotfest 2017 – Day One

Images by Johnnie Crow

Words by Paul Stephens

Ozzfest is a festival unlike any other and for the past two years Ozzfest has linked up with Knotfest to give metal fans a unique experience. The first band on Second Stage A hit the stage at 11:00 AM and Ozzy’s last lyric was sung at 11:00 PM. For those 12 hours there is not one moment when music is not ringing in your ears. There is …

Monster Energy Aftershock 2017 Rocks California

Images by Johnnie Crow

Words by Melissa Butterfly

With mass shootings at recent music events in Paris and Las Vegas, it seems like our human spirit is in danger of being defeated. When something like this happens that’s just so horrific, perhaps the best way to overcome is by keeping music alive! Going to a music festival, like Monster Energy Aftershock, was the perfect way to heal, for musicians and attendees alike.

Aftershock, in its …