Catching Up With The Verve Pipe

Photography credit: Derek Brad

(TRR) There was a time back in the late nineties when you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing The Verve Pipe’s massive hit single “The Freshman” which came from the band’s massive multi-platinum major label debut album “Villains”. Many would have thought that the band would have faded off into obscurity like many of the other bands that came on the scene around that time, however rest assured The Verve …

Dina and Scott’s Romance in ‘Dina’ – an Award-Winning Documentary

Director Dan Sickles’ Wild Ride With “Dina” His Award-Winning Documentary

When director Dan Sickles was a boy he met a remarkable young woman named Dina, who despite a myriad of difficulties, would later transform his life, and the lives of other who crossed her path in his new award-winning documentary that proudly wears her name.

Dina Buno, now 50, was a high school student of Sickles’ father, Ed, and active in the Kiwanis Aktion Club, …

A Day To Remember Conquers Philadelphia’s Self Help Festival

A Day To Remember‘s Self Help Festival returned to Philadelphia’s Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing for the second time, the first time being back in October of 2014. Self Help Festival in Philadelphia was the first date in a string of four Self Help Festival dates spanning across the U.S. Including dates in Orlando, FL, Detroit, MI, and San Bernardino, CA. The entire day was jam packed with energetic live performances …

Thomas Rhett Celebrates “Life Changes” Album Release in Philadelphia

Thomas Rhett stopped into Philadelphia for the second stop of his three-city album release party, a completely sold out “Live! From The B-Stage” mini-tour to celebrate the release of his highly anticipated third studio album, Life Changes. The three cities Rhett celebrated his album release in were carefully chosen by Rhett as he told us that, “These three cities, we picked because these are the three cities that kind of gave my career

The Mystery Behind One Of Philadelphia’s Oldest Cold Cases ‘The Boy In The Box’

(PCM) The mystery behind the murder of an unidentified 3 to 7 year old child, known only as “The Boy In The Box”, has baffled law enforcement agents in the Philadelphia area for the last several decades and to this very day his murder remains unsolved. The investigation into the murder of “The Boy In The Box” remains open and investigators still follow up on potential leads in hopes of closing one of the cities …

U2 Wow Philadelphia On The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

U2 [© Matt Bishop Photo]

(TRR) After returning from such an epic live show experience it is hard to put into words just how amazing U2 are, especially when they are performing to a sold-out crowd at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field. The band seriously never missed a beat from beginning to end and kept us completely captivated throughout their entire performance. Bono’s voice sounded amazing and The Edge, Larry and Adam were all perfectly on-point …

Phillies Baseball Broadcaster Announces His Own Homerun Catch From Outfield

Tom McCarthy catches home run live on TV

Tom McCarthy catches home run live on TV

(PCM) Tom McCarthy managed a baseball first and he isn’t even a player. He announced his own play as it happened.

In what can only be called stranger than fiction, the Philadelphia Phillies inaugural experiment of putting their broadcast announcers in the stands during a game with the fans has produced a made for TV moment.

Baseball Announcer Catches Homerun Live on TV

Baseball Announcer Catches Home run Live on TV

Tom McCarthy Catches Homerun on LIVE TV at Phillies Game

Baseball Announcer Catches