Pop! Pop! Ep. 41 – Comic-Con 2019 Recap!

We know, we know, we know… We didn’t post an episode every night of the con. But, we have a good reason why, and it’s in this super-sized Comic-Con 2019 recap episode!  If you’ve never been to Comic-Con, there’s just SO much going on: offsite events, panels, more panels, so much shopping to do, FREE swag and did we mention panels!?  In this episode, we break down every single thing we saw (and some we …

Pop! Pop! Ep. 37 – X-Men: Dark Phoenix & Black Mirror Season 5 Review

What’s up nerds! I bet you’re surprised by this semi-regular schedule, aren’t you? This week on Pop! Pop! the guys have a really good laugh at the DCEU (but really, when don’t they?) because their new show Swamp Thing already got canceled and they’ve literally only aired the pilot.  Who are they, Firefly!? Too soon, I know. Looks like that DC streaming platform isn’t going to last very long… *crickets*.

The next best thing …

Pop! Pop! Ep. 34 – Captain Marvel Review

This is an extra special episode for you, nerds! Two words: Captain Marvel.  But before we get to that, we’ve got a little nerd news for you! The next film in the X-Men franchise (loosely used here) is Dark Phoenix … again.  The first full trailer was released and if you know anything about the guys, they love to talk smack on bad X-Men movies.  There is a saving grace for Joel in this …

Pop! Pop! Ep. 30 – Bandersnatch & Into the Spider-Verse

The last podcast before the new year! Huzzah! 2018 was one short year for the Pop! Pop! crew, but the LA Nerd and Taylor are here for your end of the year listening pleasure.

The guys dive into an end of the year trailer breakdown with some last minute movies sneaking their trailers in under the wire. Hellboy has been highly anticipated and highly secretive since it was announced; does the trailer meet expectations? Does …

Pop! Pop! Ep. 28 – Captain Marvel

It’s been a looong week, folks! But, the guys are back with another episode! On the docket for this week’s episode: 

  • Spider-Man PS4 & the highly anticipated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse!
  • A fun discussion on why the fuck Once Upon a Deadpool exists.
  • Bumblebee is fast approaching and the guys are actually excited to see John Cena battle the Autobots!
  • Netflix scorned the whole entire world by canceling Daredevil, and the guys explore options for the

Pop! Pop! Ep. 27 – Disney/Fox Merger (Also we never left we’ve been here the whole time)

The guys are back in episode 27 of Pop! Pop! Podcast! But they’ve also been here the whole time, remember last week’s episode about Comic-Con 2016? That was great. This time around we’re talking about a monopoly — I mean Disney!  They’ve just approved the purchase of Twentieth Century Fox, and that means The X-Men & The Fantastic Four are back home at Marvel and that the original Star Wars trilogy distribution rights are …