Baby Sitters Club Episode 10: Welcome to Camp Moosehead Part 2

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The season finale opens with Stacey in the infirmary for the worst case of poison ivy they have seen in years. Stacey is upset because it is opening night. The nurse gets more compresses when Mary Anne comes in and freaks out about Stacey….because the play is now in jeopardy. She tells her she looks like she has leprosy and the lead cannot have leprosy.  

Dawn runs in, saying Claudia is a prisoner …

Baby Sitters Club Episode 9: Hello, Camp Moosehead Part 1

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The episode begins with Kristy narrating that school is out, summer is here and they are ready for adventures at Camp Moosehead. They get off the bus and Dawn says that her circulatory system would never recover if she had to be on the bus for five more minutes. 

Claudia puts on new glasses that Stacey approves of, but Kristy says makes her look like a bug. She then wonders why she is …

Baby Sitters Club Episode 8: Kristy’s Big Day

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The episode opens with Kristy narrating about how grown ups cry at weddings and what it truly means to be married. It turns out she is actually doing a pretend wedding with Karen and David Michael. Karen snarks that David Michael has three first names, while David Michael says it better just be pretend. 

They are about to kiss and be pretend married when Liz comes in, asking Kristy to take them outside. …

Baby Sitters Club Episode 3: The Truth About Stacey

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The episode opens with an advertisement for the BSC competition, The Baby Sitters Agency, or BSC.  The girls are watching. Kristy is upset they used her tag line. Claudia wonders why they aren’t loitering at the mall like normal teenagers. Mary Anne doesn’t think anyone would hire them. Stacey (in narration) says she knows they are in trouble, but is a people pleaser, so she agrees with Mary Anne.

Kristy asks Mary Anne …

Baby Sitters Club Episode 2: Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls

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The episode opens with Claudia (who is narrating this episode)picking out an outfit and talking about art, fashion and babysitting, her three favorite things. She is in class when her crush Trevor Sandbourne compliments her art. She plays it cool as they discuss their art projects. He asks her about the dance with Stacey quietly squealing in her background. She tells him she hasn’t decided if she is going and he says maybe …

Baby-Sitters Club Season 1, Episode 1: Kristy’s Great Idea

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The episode opens with Kristy (the narrator of this episode) talking off screen about how everything began one Friday after school at the beginning of seventh grade. She was walking home from school with her best friend Mary Anne Spier. She was doing most of the talking, while Mary Anne listened, as usual.

We then cut to Kristy and Mary Anne walking home. Kristy is complaining about her teacher Mr. Redmont going on …

Unsolved Mysteries Case 6: Missing Witness 

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The final episode opens with Brandi Peterson talking about her missing sister Lena Chapin, showing off pictures and talking about her disappearance. She crises about how much she misses her. 

Her other sister Robin talks about how she went to see her sister on the day she went missing and how her boyfriend said she went to Florida with another man, as per her mom Sandy. Robin never believed that since she would …