Understanding Family Relationship Terminology

It’s a blessing when families grow. Generations are built, traditions are started, and lineages continue on. It brings more birthdays and family photos need to be captured zoomed out. While changes are occurring, it can sometimes be confusing to keep track of the family tree and how everyone is connected.

Below is a quick-hit list of what the correct terminology is for each member of your extended family all of the way up the great-grandparents’ …

Visionary Diana Liberto Walks to Transform Our Health & Wellness

Diana Liberto, a true visionary, has turned her family difficulties into an opportunity to transform the health and wellness of others around the nation. 

An attorney and honors graduate of the Rutgers University School of Law, who clerked for a U.S. District Court Judge and joined the office of the General Counsel of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., serving in various capacities from 2004 until October 2015, including an interim assignment in Wal-Mart India.

After leaving Wal-Mart, …

Do Women Have To Choose Between Academics AND Their Love Life?

Why Women in College Should Focus on Academics AND Their Love Life

I have a distinct memory from my Econ 101 professor at Penn State telling me and the rest of the wide-eyed, freshman-class, “These four years are the highest probability in your life that you will be surrounded by others your age with similar proximity, interests, and lifestyles. In other words, the best chance you have at finding your life partner is here.” With …

Today I met Richard, Somebody to Talk To.

by Michael Munson

(Three years ago) Today I met Richard. He approached me while I was walking in the city and I assumed he was looking for money so I handed him all the loose change I had in my jacket. I was in “the zone”. Zigzagging through the busy sidewalk after working out and on my way to the subway.

He looked at me a little hurt and said “I really don’t want anything

How Bonding Bees Created The Perfect Date Night!

(PCM) My wonderful boyfriend and I recently had a chance to try out the most recent Bonding Bees at home date night subscription box and this months theme couldn’t have been more appropriate for the summer season. Seriously, who doesn’t love a good excuse to BBQ, especially together as a couple!

The two of us had an amazing time going through the activities contained in the Bonding Bees box! What we truly enjoyed the most …

A Love Story Too Good To Be True Or Is It?

Photo by Infomastern

(PCM) Over the course of history we have heard many tales involving messages being placed inside of a glass bottle and sent out to sea. Surely, many of these messages never even come to close to making it to their intended destinations, let alone someone actually recovering the bottle and responding to the message inside.

Many stories that involve a message in a bottle sent off to a far away lover have …

‘Addy & Uno’ The First Family Musical About Disability

(PCM) Five child-like puppets, each with specific disabilities, are opening our eyes to how friendship and caring for one another can truly change our world. “Addy & Uno,” a fresh new off-Broadway musical playing at the 14th Street Y Theater in New York City from Sept. 2 through Sept. 24, boldly, and affectionately tackles some difficult topics, including bullying, disability and friendship.  It does this with puppets, humor and unforgettable music. The brainchild of author …

Parents Freak After Discovering A ‘Kama Sutra’ Guide For Children!

(PCM) While waiting a doctors office in London one parent, Katherine Peck, was shocked when her child picked up a children’s book titled “Mummy Laid An Egg” written by Babette Cole an discovered it was nothing short of a “kama sutra” guide for children.


We all know that it can be incredibly awkward when it comes time for parents to begin talking to their children about sex, and of course, children always have a …

Husband Pens A Heartbreaking Post Explaining Why He Kept The Body Of His Deceased Wife In Their Bedroom For Six Days

(PCM) Russell Davisons’ absolutely heart-wrenching post explaining why he kept the body of his deceased wife Wendy in their bedroom for six days has gone viral and once you read it, you will completely understand. Get ready to have the tissues handy!

Russells’ wife Wendy’s 1o-year long battle with cervical cancer came to an end on April 21, 2017, but over the course of her illness she was a true fighter and her will to …

There Are More Singles In America Now Than Ever Before

(PCM) Recently, Pew Research Center published a study that reveals that the number of people who are single in America has reached an all time high.

The study, which collected census date, revealed that by the time that young adults of today reach their mid-40 to mid-50’s a whopping 25 percent will have never been married. Looking back to the year 1960 that same number was on 10 percent, showing that there has been a …

Man Impersonates His Own Father To Break The News Of His Death To Get Out Of Wedding

(PCM) 23 year old Alex Lanchester of the U.K. met her fiance Tucker Blandford while they were both attending the University of Connecticut back in 2012. The pair dated throughout college and were set to become husband and wife this August, until Blandford decided he wanted to fake his own death to back out of the upcoming nuptials.

Blandford had proposed to Lanchester right after college before she returned Britain. Lanchester accepted his proposal and …

Nintendo Will Not Allow Gay Characters In Its’ New Game

(PCM) Despite a rather large social media campaign spearheaded by a fan, Nintendo says it will not allow gay characters or same-sex relationships in its’ new game Tomodatchi Life.

The game is a real-life simulation game features a cast of “Mii” characters living on a virtual island. If you recall, a “Mii” is an animated avatar based on actual people. The game will allow users to populate their island with the “Mii characters of family, …