Five Fave: Fun Things To Do With Disney+ In Quarantine

So you’ve got at least another month to self quarantine. Now is the perfect time to catch up on your binge watching. Disney+ is the newest streaming service, so why not have some fun exploring what is has to offer. Here are our Five Fave Fun Things To Do With Disney+ In Quarantine:

5. See how many movies you can find where the main character’s parents die early in the movie, or are already …

Ranking The Theatrically Released Spider-Man Movies

Ever since the explosion of the comic book movie genre in the late ’90s, Spider-Man films have remained a mainstay of the superhero movie landscape. Spidey is hugely important to the Marvel legacy as a whole, but he’s also arguably the most popular comic book character of all time. Starting with Sam Rami’s 2002 film, simply titled Spider-Man, the character has remained a lynchpin of the genre. As a result of this, we’ve had …

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” Review

July is here and that means Spider-Man is swinging into your local theaters with his first new solo outing, “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. Unfortunately this movie is immediately saddled with the challenge of getting the audience excited about a character that was just rebooted in 2012 with a lackluster sequel in 2015. Obviously fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) are glad to see the titular character “returning home” if you will, but that’s not necessarily