More Baby Yoda! Disney+ Reveals Trailer For Upcoming ‘Mandalorian’ Docuseries

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate May The Fourth otherwise known as unofficial Star Wars Day, than with the release of the upcoming “Mandalorian” docuseries coming to Disney+.

The docuseries will take us deeper into the Star Wars universe with some inside information about the creative process behind the successful “Mandalorian” series. It will feature interviews with the series creators and filmmakers, a look at the production design and stories about Werner …

Five Fave: Fun Things To Do With Disney+ In Quarantine

So you’ve got at least another month to self quarantine. Now is the perfect time to catch up on your binge watching. Disney+ is the newest streaming service, so why not have some fun exploring what is has to offer. Here are our Five Fave Fun Things To Do With Disney+ In Quarantine:

5. See how many movies you can find where the main character’s parents die early in the movie, or are already …

Disney+ Reveals New Trailer For ‘The Mandalorian’

Get ready Star Wars fans! Disney+ has just revealed an all-new trailer for the highly anticipated series “The Mandalorian”. The first live-action series set in the universe created by George Lucas will be released on the streaming platform in just a few weeks’ time, on November 12.

From what we can see in the trailer this new series is definitely going to be action-packed and we are on the edge of our seats anticipating what …

Disney+ Showcases Exciting Slate Of Highly Anticipated Original Series & Films At D23 Expo 2019


This afternoon, Disney+ made its D23 Expo debut with its first-ever showcase presentation, announcing six new series in development and revealing key details about the highly anticipated streaming service to an enthusiastic audience at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim. Age of the Nerd was onhand to report everything there is to know about all of the new content coming to the service.

The event showcased the sweeping array of talent with in-person and video …

Boba Fett Spin-Off Could Becomes A Disney + Series

With more and more information being revealed about the upcoming Disney + streaming service fans are surely going to have a lot to look forward to when the platform is unveiled later this year. There is now news that a possible “Star Wars” spin-off featuring the character of Boba Fett could possibly be in the works.

We already know that Disney+ will be launching several new Marvel series, as well as, the previously announced “Star …

Star Wars Fans Get First Look At ‘The Mandalorian’ Which Will Air At Launch On Disney +

Photo credit: Walt Disney Co./Lucasfilm

Fans of the “Star Wars” franchise were super hyped to get a first look at the upcoming “Star Wars” tv series “The Mandalorian” which will begin airing with the launch of the Disney+ streaming service on November 12th, 2019.

Series creator and executive producer Jon Favreau shared the first footage of “The Mandalorian” with fans in Chicago at “Star Wars Celebration”. The eight-episode series, which is said to be airing …

Taika Waititi Won’t Direct ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 3’; Gives Update on ‘The Mandalorian’

guardians of the galaxy 3, thor: ragnarok

Ever since James Gunn was unceremoniously fired from Guardians of the Galaxy 3 last year, people have been wondering who might take over the beloved franchise. Although Marvel has been busy behind closed doors trying to find a replacement, that hasn’t stopped fans from making their own suggestions on who should close out the franchise. Of all the people that have been floating around for a potential substitution in the director’s chair, Thor: Ragnarok