Unsolved Mysteries Case 6: Missing Witness 

The final episode opens with Brandi Peterson talking about her missing sister Lena Chapin, showing off pictures and talking about her disappearance. She crises about how much she misses her.  Her other sister Robin talks about how she went to see her sister on the day she went missing and how her boyfriend said she […]

Unsolved Mysteries Case 3: House of Terror

Episode 3: House of Terror The episode begins spoken in French and talks about the culture and life in Nantes, France. Anne Sophie Martin is the journalist speaking.  She describes the city as peaceful with upper-middle class people. It is also where the DuPont murders took place in the House of Terror. Anne says it […]

Unsolved Mysteries Case 2: 13 Minutes

The episode opens with Patrice’s son Pistol  driving and talking about his mom’s disappearance.  He recalls their last morning together and how he was in a hurry to see his girlfriend and how it led to an argument. She drove him to school and they exchanged I loved yours for the last time. Later that […]

Unsolved Mysteries: Mystery on the Rooftop

The episode opens with Rey Rivera’s wedding video. His wife, mom and brother discuss how the wedding was a happy time for the family and then freezes on their first moments as husband and wife.  His wife Allison says Rey’s death was considered a suicide, but she says there was more going on because he […]

FilmRise to Stream Classic Favorite Shows for Free in July

July is when the summer heat starts to get unbearable — so between rising temperatures and having to stay safe, we bet you’re going to end up spending a lot of time indoors. Don’t worry, FilmRise has got your back with marathons of some of your favorite classic shows. Stay home, cool off, and enjoy […]

Unsolved Mysteries Reboot Sneak Peek

The time has finally come! In a few short days, Netflix will debut the long anticipated reboot of Unsolved Mysteries. Check out the trailer and more news below! The iconic series UNSOLVED MYSTERIES is back! Fusing signature elements from the original series with contemporary immersive, character-driven storytelling, the 12 new episodes are rooted in the […]

Travel Channel Series ‘Legend Hunter’ with Explorer Pat Spain to Premiere in January

NEW YORK (November 20, 2018) – With an avid thirst for adventure and innate curiosity, wildlife biologist and explorer Pat Spain is leaving his lab to uncover answers to fascinating unsolved riddles, historic conundrums and mythic events in the new Travel Channel series “Legend Hunter.” Premiering Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, the seven-episode series showcases Spain as he uses his… Read More

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ID Focuses on Susan Powell Case

(Silver Spring, MD) –  When 28-year-old mother of two, Susan Powell, vanishes without a trace from her home in West Valley City, Utah, the community is stunned. All eyes turn to Susan’s husband of eight years, Josh, who claims to have no idea where his wife has gone. But Josh’s dismissive nature and odd behaviors… Read More

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