Could The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle Finally Be Solved?

(PCM) Some meteorologists say no, however new evidence was discovered claiming that hexagonal clouds which create “air bombs” with up to 170 mph winds may to blame for the dozens of ship and airplane disappearances in the region. The mysterious 500,000km square region in the North Atlantic Ocean has been linked to the strange disappearances of approximately 75 airplanes and hundreds of ships that were assumed lost at sea and never heard from again.

New …

Groundhogs, Saints, and Bonfires: February Festivals of Spring

(PCM) By the time February rolls in, many of us here in the northern hemisphere are tired of snow, and cold, and scraping our cars off every morning. We’ll be waiting with frosted breath to find out if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow – will spring make an early entrance, or are we condemned to six more weeks of winter blahs?

While the groundhog is a newish American pop culture hero, we humans have …

How Hurricanes Get Their Names And Why!

(PCM) Hurricanes have been a very dangerous and destructive weather phenomenon that have affected our planet for centuries. Most of them have been named by the World Meteorological Organization and the National Weather service to avoid confusion between storms and make the lines of communication a bit easier. By naming the storms meteorologists are able to easily identify the storms and track their movements across the oceans. Many times there are multiple storms occurring at …

The Strange Occurrence Of Siberian Orange Snow

(PCM) A very strange weather phenomenon occurred in the Siberian region of Russia in early 2007 and then again in 2015 when orange colored snow poured forth from the sky, baffling both residents and scientists. The orange snow fell throughout an area of about 580 square miles that is located about 1,400 miles from Moscow.

Residents of the region, as well as, weather experts began to speculate about a variety of reasons for the snow’s …

“You Poked My Heart” Video Goes Viral

(PCM) The ridiculously adorable video that features three preschoolers arguing about the weather has gone viral. The two minute video has racked up over over 5 million views on YouTube and is popping up all over social media.

A young boy and girl are having quite the heated disagreement over whether or not is it raining or sprinkling outside. Both claim that their mother’s told them the answer, so of course both feel they are …

Rare Twin Tornadoes Destroy A Nebraska Town

(PCM) There is a massive clean-up effort taking place in the small town of Pilger, Nebraska after two tornadoes ripped through their town on Monday.

The twin tornadoes are truly a rare site and are known for their incredible destructive power. The tornado had two visible suction vortices and it is incredibly rare to spot two tornadoes on the ground at the same time in the same general area.

The tornadoes just about obliterated the …

Are Hurricanes With Female Names Really More Deadly?

(PCM) This past Sunday marked the start of hurricane season and a new study reveals that hurricanes named after females turn out to be more deadly than those named after males.

It has been tradition that hurricanes are given names such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Andrew and now researchers at the University of Illinois have discovered that the gender assigned to a particular hurricane may play a role in predicting the number of fatalities …

Man Predicts “The Big One” Earthquake Will Hit On July 12th, 2014

(PCM) A Pittsburgh man by the name of David Nabhan, claims that he has discovered a way to pinpoint and predict with a certain level of accuracy when and where earthquakes are set to occur.

In his new book, “Eathquake Prediction: Answers in Plain Sight”, Nebhan claims that the next big earthquake that will hit the Los Angeles area will occur at a predictable time. He lists several key indicators such as conjoined lunar and …

Incredible Footage Captures A Supercell Storm In Wyoming

(PCM) It is not very often that Wyoming comes in the the headlines, but new footage of an incredible supercell storm system is definitely generating a lot of buzz.

The incredible image was captured by the Basehunters storm chasers group and shows the rotating updraft of a supercell thunderstorm over eastern Wyoming. For those that may not know, supercells are the largest, strongest, and long-lasting thunderstorms and most commonly occur in the Great Plains.

WGAL Roof Cave-in, No Injuries

(PCM) If you tried tuning in to Lancaster County, PA’s WGAL (Channel 8), or heard a loud boom near 1300 Columbia Ave, Lancaster, PA, on Friday afternoon, you may have noticed that something was awry.

Heavy snow made the roof of the NBC affiliate’s studio crash in, and effectly put the station off the air.

The cave-in occurred in an older studio, and noone was shurt, but the weight caused structural damage and the building …