Five Fave: TV Celebrity Crushes

While researching TV shows for articles, and scouring all of my streaming subscriptions for something to watch, I realized that I kind of have a “type”. I am intrigued by bad-ass brunettes who stand up for themselves, and help others. Apparently, I also love science fiction characters. Here are my Five Fave TV Celebrity Crushes.


BONUS – 1960’s Crush – Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Montgomery portrayed the good witch Samantha Stephens on the comedy …

Box Office: ‘Aquaman’ Three-peats As King

Look out ocean, we may have a permanent ruler. While on drylands we are a world in chaos with no visible leaders, it seems Arthur Curry has finally taken the reins as King of the Sea. Aquaman finish atop the box office for its third straight weekend with an estimated $30.7 million, while becoming the highest grossing DCEU movie of all-time.

Even though Aquaman still has some ways to go in surpassing previous DCEU films …

Wonder Woman Sequel Pushed Back To 2020

The news has recently been revealed that the highly anticipated “Wonder Woman” sequel, “Wonder Woman 1984” has been pushed back by seven months, but Warner Bros. reveals that it’s for good reason.

The film was originally scheduled to be released on November 1, 2019, however star Gal Gadot revealed on Instagram that the film will now be released on June 5, 2020 instead. This is due scheduling considerations as Warner Bros would prefer a summer …

DC Comics Launches It’s First Streaming Service

DC Comics launches it’s first streaming service today.   Called The DC Universe this new streaming service and app has everything a DC fan could hope for and a little more.


The service which runs $7.99 a month or $74.99 for a year is full of great programing from the DC video vaults.  The original Superman Cartoon series by Max Fleisher is available followed by the Superman movie serial from the 1940s and then heading …

42 New ‘Justice League’ Images Give us our Best Look Yet

justice league

Now that ‘Justice League‘ is in it’s final marketing push, Warner Bros. has released a whole batch of high-res images for us to ogle over. Although the film has had a difficult path to this point, a series of questions still remain unanswered. Not to mention the fact that we’re still not sure how much Joss Whedon will influence the film. Despite the mixed press for the film in post production, ‘Justice

‘Justice League’ are All in with Posters Galore

Warner Bros. is definitely all in with marketing when it comes to their DC films. In past films we see a heavy load of trailers, toys and even some posters but none as big as this, which will be their biggest film yet and we are talking about the Justice League. And rightfully so. It deserves to have the biggest marketing out of the DC films but it can still be debatable with which …

At Last, Patty Jenkins Is Officially Confirmed To Direct ‘Wonder Woman 2’

(AOTN) There were many rumors swirling about whether or not director Patty Jenkins would be once again taking the helm to direct “Wonder Woman 2” after the amazing success that the first “Wonder Woman” earned in the box office. It almost felt like it should be a no-brainer!

Warner Bros. has now officially confirmed that Patty Jenkins will definitely be directing “Wonder Woman 2” making her the highest paid female director in Hollywood, at least …

Rumors Circulate That ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Could Be Set During 1980’s Cold War Era

(AOTN) This summer’s release of “Wonder Woman” was exactly what the DC Cinematic Universe needed to get back on its’ feet and the film smashed the box office bringing over $700 million worldwide. Fans and critics alike praised director Patty Jenkins phenomenal work on the film and were thrilled to hear that she plans to return once again to helm the planned sequel.

Thus far there have been very few details released regarding the plot …

Was ‘Wonder Woman’ Just What The DC Universe Needed? We Think So And Here’s Why!

(AOTN) It seems that lately all we hear about is the laundry list of reasons why the films in the DC Universe do not seem to hold a candle to the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the first four films that they have released all received lackluster critical and fan review alike, that is until “Wonder Woman” came along. Talk about flipping the script. One of the main concerns among fans was the …

Warner Bros. Goes All Out with Wondrous Wonder Woman Merchandise

When it comes to any superhero film, there is usually an abundance of merchandise surrounding the heroes that are on screen. With Warner Bros. and DC’s most recent success of Wonder Woman it is no different. Warner Bros. is really good when it comes to marketing their superhero films and the merch that comes along with them. The new Wonder Woman shop has over ten pages of merchandise related to the film and heroine which …

DC Announces Superhero Movies: Flash, Wonderwoman, Suicide Squad, Justice League, Aquaman, Cyborg, Shazam, Green Lantern and Justice League

Batman v Superman prequel to Justice League Cuts Out Origin Stories

(PCM) With Marvel owning all the news at NY Comic-Con, you’d think DC would have released this news just a few days sooner.

But in DC fashion, better late than never.

Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara pandered to major investors in a meeting today the full schedule of DC movies beginning with Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016.

“The demand for high quality video content is growing fast – in the United States