Company Set To Begin Clinical Trials To Bring People Back From The Dead

(PCM) A Philadelphia- based firm called Bioquark are gearing up to begin their initial round of clinical testing in an attempt to bring people back from the dead. After many years of research the company revealed in late 2016 that they believe that brain death is not permanent and could perhaps be reversible.

The CEO of the company Ira Pastor has now revealed that the company will begin testing a newly developed stem cell method …

We Invade Walker Stalker Con New York/New Jersey This Weekend!


(PCM) The PCM crew will be invading the upcoming Walker Stalker Con this weekend held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey.

We can absolutely can’t wait to explore this zombie, horror, and sci-fi fan convention that falls just in time for the holiday season. By the looks of some of the amazing vendors that will be represented at the con, we can certainly say that our gift list this year is going …

Warner Bros. Working on ‘I Am Legend’ Reboot

IamLegend(PCM) Deadline has reported that Warner Bros. Pictures is working on rebooting their 2007 box office hit starring Will Smith, I Am Legend.

For fans of the movie, this might seem like another tease; for the past few years talks of a prequel and/or sequel to I Am Legend have been circulating the web.

There was even a fleshed out script by Academy Award winning screen writer Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind, I