Dating Coach Helps Couples Find Romance This Spring

Suburban Philadelphia Dating Coach Helps Couples Fall in Love This Spring

Spring is the prefect time to share a trip to the local farmer’s market, a leisurely lunch or a trip to Doylestown or New Hope, with someone special, with an eye on finding love and romance.

But with our busy work and home lives, finding Mr. or Ms. Right can often be extremely tricky.

Especially, since as we get older, and accumulate more baggage, these heart-felt endeavors become even more difficult

This is where certified dating coach, Jill Elliot, of Sweet Beginnings Introduction Services, comes in, to literally help put the bloom on the rose. Using her compassion, empathy, listening skills and nearly three decades of experience, she has helped numerous local couples find their ideal love match.

Jill has been successful at helping her more mature clients find companionship, and even marriage, because after 32 years in the matchmaking and coaching business, she certainly knows how to chart a smoother course for her clients.

Experts say that the key to finding the right life partner often requires patience, persistence, clarity, openness, knowing who you are and knowing what you are seeking in a mate. Jill is aware of this, so she offers a great deal of sage advice and tips that have led to many successful matches.

Jill, whose business is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has worked with clients of all ages, but the current trend is those in their 40s through late 70s.She is proud that she has married off between five and eight couples a year since she began her service, and has made many other matches of couples who decided to stay together, but not to get married.

“Spring is the ideal time to fall in love. It is not unusual for men and women of all ages to need a little help from a dating coach,” Jill says, “and they are happy that they took the first step by contacting me.”

“People come to me who are really serious about meeting someone,” says Jill who has been married for 10 years. “They are not interested in online dating and want the personal touch, since I thoroughly interview all of my clients.”

The majority of her current clients are over age 45; and is the first one to say that regardless of difficulties in your past love life, it is never too late to fall in love.

Many of her clients are divorced, or widowed, and they would like to meet someone special to spend the rest of their lives with. Some are seeking companionship, and others are looking to get married again.

“Many of the people who come to me are not comfortable dating online, for a variety of reasons, including, the time commitment, having to write to numerous people, and not wanting to deal with the technology or they have tried it and did not enjoy it,” Jill recently explained.

So do people who have gone through a rocky divorce, or other tumultuous relationships, still believe in love? “Absolutely, they still believe in love. A lot of them are nervous about starting over, but the hope is definitely there.”

In fact, Jill recently attended the wedding of a local couple, who were matched two years ago, and quickly fell in love. They were each in their mid-70s.

As a dating coach and matchmaker, Jill has many tips for those in the dating and mating game. “One of the more major things I counsel people about is to keep the past in the past and focus on your date,” she said. “Ask them questions about their jobs, movies, and travel – and keep it light,”

She said that bringing up a nasty divorce, difficult or broken relationships, is not a good idea. “Make the date a fun experience, as opposed to an interrogation. Don’t spend the whole time on your heartaches.”

A little preparation, she advised, also goes a long way. “Make sure you look nice, are on time, have good manners, make good eye contact, and turn off your cell phone. Even if you don’t meet Miss Right or Mr. Right on that date, you can always have a nice conversation.”Jill has dealt with clients in the past who were everything from inattentive to downright rude. “Before cell phones became so popular, one man took his laptop on a date, and was typing on it,” she recalled.

“Even if you are not attracted to this person, still treat them with kindness and respect, basically the same way that you want to be treated. I have seen some of the best behavior, and some of the worst behavior, in the years of finding matches.”

During the past 32 years, Jill said she has sharpened her skills, and become even better suited to finding matches for local men and women. “I have a genuine love of people and I truly love my job,” Eliot explained. “I get to meet so many interesting people from all walks of life, and they start to feel like family. I also understand a \lot about human behavior, including having a great deal of compassion and empathy for others.”

Primarily, Jill said that before you call a dating coach or matchmaker, it is important that you feel ready to take this step. “People who call me should be in a good place emotionally,” she explained.“If someone is not over a break up of a bad relationship, then everybody they meet is going to be compared to the ex-girlfriend,” she said. “So people have to be free and clear, over their marriage, over their relationships, and feel that is time to get back in the game with an open heart and move forward. That’s the important thing I can tell them.”

Jill said the major difference between matching older couples from their younger peers, is that the art of compromise and flexibility are more of a factor. “When you get older you can become more set in your ways, and so you have to understand that no one is going to be the same as you. I believe you have to meet in the middle, and make compromises in the relationship.”

While many people want someone with the same hobbies, interests and passions, she knows from her years in the business, that opposites attract – both on the emotional and intellectual level.

Jill said that even people who seem to have everything in common don’t always have the perfect chemistry. “That is a mistake people often make of not being tolerant. We can learn something from each other, too. The man can love sports and the woman ballet and still make it work.”

Jill says that while some people are really lucky — all it takes is one introduction and they see there is an element of physical attraction and a spark – while others go on many dates. But open mindedness is extremely important when it comes to succeeding in matters of the heart.

“I had a client who was a very conservative attorney who I was matching with business women and lawyers and nothing clicked,” she says. “Then he told me he wanted someone edgy, so I matched him with a female body builder, and they lived happily ever after.”For further information on Sweet Beginnings Introduction Service, please go to Jill’s website: Or call Dating Coach Jill Elliot at 215-949-0370 or 215-539-2894. Or email her at [email protected].






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