Arthur’s Angry Fist Meme! The Reaction Meme You Should Definitely Know!


(PCM) Unless you are hiding under a rock on the internet you have most likely come across the hilarious Arthur’s Angry Fist meme popping up somewhere along your various social media feeds. It is often used by people as a visual accompaniment to situations in life that have made them angry or frustrated.

The image shows cartoon character Arthur with a clenched fist and is taken from an episode of the cartoon series titled “Arthur’s Big Hit” during the scene where Arthur punches his younger sister D.W. for breaking his Bell X-1 model airplane. It was definitely a rather dark episode of the cartoon series and even the show’s creators, while appreciative of all the online buzz, are disappointed that some of the meme’s are made in poor taste. Definitely not what they were going for with the Arthur cartoon series. 

The screen capture image of Arthur’s fist in that scene was first posted on Twitter back in July of 2016 when user @AlmostJT joking said “This is just a pic of Arthur’s fist but idk [I don’t know]  how I feel that’s it’s just so relatable. So many emotions in one fist.” The original tweet has since been deleted,however the meme has been shared countless times. Below you can find some examples that you may have seen creeping their way across your timelines:

arthur-fist-meme2 arthur-fist-meme3 arthur-fist-meme4 

Of course the meme began being shared on Reddit as a visual was for people to describe their frustrations with various social and world situations. One of the first mentions of the Arthur’s Angry Fist meme on Reddit occurred when someone used the image to describe their anger at someone saying Harambe was “just a gorilla”.  The meme has proven to have both staying power and longevity, as it is still be consistently shared  across the net at any given time. The Arthur’s Angry Fist meme touches on both our obsession with all things nostalgic and the ability to visually express our emotions in a cyber world. 

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